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Hello Everyone, so here is my Vegetarian Keto Vlog a whole week of eating. As you can say there are many choices for vegetarian keto followers and you can hit your macros pretty much spot on…


  1. can we have green moon sprouts in keto

  2. Great effort. Thank you. One humble suggestion; pls don’t read out number(facts) instead post the details in description. More time gets wasted in listening to stats than reading it.

  3. can't you add lentils to your diet for the protien

  4. Egg is not vegetarian

  5. Can we eat green Mong dal in keto diet

  6. Please make a recipe with Soya chaap if it's acceptable on a keto diet!

  7. Hi
    Thanks for wonderful keto veg recipes.

  8. So no breakfast? can we do BPC during IF?

  9. Delicious vegetarian recipes, have tried a few & they are yummy
    I am an Indian vegetarian ( no eggs) for life & Keto is challenging but definitely not impossible
    your videos give me lot of hope & a big thank you for that
    Que: How about using besan? because besan is not a grain…
    Chillas, fafdas, even besan khakhra or thepla
    actually many Gujrati recepies like khandvi, khaman dhokla, patra can be incorporated..what do you think?
    besan perhaps mixed with almond flour or flaxmeal flour or coconut floor to cut down the carbs ?

  10. Richard Kristianto

    Thank you, I'm a vegetarian and doing keto

  11. Show more of food and less of your sick face. And talk less.

  12. I was waiting to find such a channel. THANK GOD!

  13. Im a keto starter. Could you pls guide me on how do i start

  14. hey I definitely like your videos although "Honds up guys" some times become annoying for me.. XD but I wanted to ask is eating Tofu Makhni or Tofu Butter Masala after maintaining the micros by using very less tomato puree and onion is great substitute or not ?

  15. Thank you for your honesty! Keto seems like it can be quite a challenge. Real life kicks in and we have to learn how to eat too feel good and not guilty. 🙂

  16. I think vegan diet is nearly impossible to do as the dairy is the only saviour for vegetarian keto.

  17. is it for fat loss …..plz reply…

  18. Pls pls pls give us some veg recipes without eggs. Esp bread thks

  19. You don't seem to eat vegetables with your meals. I mean lots of it.

  20. could yu make a keto barbecue sauce? love yur videos. thanks in advance.

  21. Hi! It's going to be 3 months on keto for me. Although I have kind of stuck with all the rules, I haven't quit my half glass of cold coffee and couple of spoons of dahi with lunch & dinner. Having said that, I have shed weight decently in this much time. So I am assuming I can continue with this. What do you think?

  22. Which app do you use for calculating your fat, carb and protein!?

  23. Thank you for such yummy awesome keto veg recipie!! Gonna make weight loss journey more fun!! Pls some more recipie!! As well !! Thank you!!

  24. Love this series! Thank you for all the veggie ideas for keto!

  25. is millets flour allowed in keto

  26. great to see vegetarian meals @ Headbanger 🙂

  27. Nuts are great sources of protein. Plus soy beans, chia and hemp seeds 🙂

  28. What do you use to keep a check on your macros? Is there an app or something? Im planning to stay a keto diet next week and I'm preparing myself for it. Your vegetarian recipes are good sent. Also, can you tell me what intermittent fasting is? I'm doing this diet all by myself and I really don't wanna go wrong. Thanks in advance :*

  29. That vegetarian food is interesting but meat tastes is so much better, so get back on the meat wagon Mr. Headbanger.

  30. Your channel was the first keto channel to push me into my keto life style. I know you're a meat eater, and love it, but I chose vegetarian for my self. I love these ideas and this concept of video! Please keep the vegetarian recipes coming I love them!!!

  31. Thanks alot for your recipes.. I have just started keto diet this week and your recipes are really great.. Thanks for sharing


  33. It's April Justine

    Thank you for the vegetarian recipes!! There isnt much for keto veg heads out there

  34. Looking forward to the peanut butter bread!

  35. We need keto chocolate chip cookies! I've tried so many recipes and they are all so unsatisfying.

  36. I have a question out of subject. I cooked the Lemon Pepper Chicken today and it was good but the oil and butter was separated from the sauce and created another layer! is there a reason for that? was the butter or heavy cream burned or cooked too much?

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