Vegetarian Keto Meal Prep | Keto Vegetarian 5 Day Meal Plan With Cooking Instructions

Meal Plan** – Day of Eating Video: Keto Quickstart Course: …


  1. who are you beautifull…and where are yuuu…..just sayin hii

  2. M. Eduardo Millan

    Excellent post…and very nice music!…Thx

  3. Love, love, love it!!! More like that pls 🙂

  4. Claudia Canada - Severino

    sorry… but tofu… is not good for keto, for your health try to avoid any soy product.

  5. Lindsie Villarreal

    Thank you for this video! In the last year I switched to veg/vegan and wanted to switch to keto but didn't know how this helps with a lot of anxieties I had about it.

  6. This is brilliant. I can't wait to try the tofu curry cubes. As a long-time vegetarian new to Keto, I have benefited a lot from your videos. You have a lot of tips or meals that are veg or can be modified and I think that is great. One thing keto has helped me with is to get over my 'fat phobia.' And whether we eat meat or don't eat it, at least we agree healthy fats are good! Oh, and I loved your 'overnight oats' video. That was great!!

  7. you lost me at tofu.

  8. you lost me at tofu.

  9. thanks for this guy's 🙂 the meal prep was really helpful for me as I've been struggling to get enough calories in eating a (slightly modified) vegan ketogenic diet. there were enough substitution options that this was nice and easy for me!

  10. Alexandra Golubkova

    hey hey! I'm on a 40 days lent now(mostly for health benefits), and first time on a vegan(-etarian) keto. thanks so much for this amazing nuggets recipe! sharing with you my non dairy chocolate fix: 2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder+4 tbsp coconut cream+ stevia+ unsweetened soy milk( needs improvement: any tastier substitution?) + 75g of silky tofu +optional 1 tbsp of coconut oil = creamy chocolate shake 336 kcal 8 net carbs 24 fat 12 protein yumm

  11. Oh my. You have so many subscribers now. Congrats!!! You guys deserve it.

  12. Thanks, will definitely try these recipes. The tofu looks tasty, I never have enough patience to drain

  13. Don't you get bored, eating the same thing for 5 days in a row?

  14. Do the overnight oats taste good or would I have to become accustomed to the taste?

  15. Great meal prep! I've seen some people say to stay away from soy for keto. Has it affected you guys at all? Have you heard the same?

  16. Wow!! Love this meal prep!! Great job, you two!!

  17. Are the mission low carb tortillas bad?

  18. Thank you!!!!! Lifesaver

  19. Very nice!! 🙂

  20. USING THE LIDDED CONTAINERS FOR THE NUGGETS IS BRILLIANT!!! Wow I cannot believe I never thought of that. Total game changer for all things "breaded" for sure.

  21. tofu is soybean curd,,do not eat under any circumstances !,,,,,!

  22. Great! I am very excited to try some meatless meals. But a tofu novice. You make it look very simple, I will try some this week. One question, do you heat your "oatmeal" before eating it? since oatmeal is usually eaten hot.

  23. please help me out i have started keto diet for almost one month and I'm still having dizziness when I stand from laying position

  24. Outstanding!! Can't wait to try the overnight breakfast. Thanks for keeping Keto interesting. . . .I so easily get stuck in routines of the same food choices.

  25. Question guys, just started drinking this. I want to make sure power aid zero is ok to drink on ketogenic diet. I don't care to much for water, but the power aid zero taste good

  26. Can you pan sear the tofu in coconut oil or olive oil to brown and crisp up the coating more or do you think it would be pointless? Never have made tofu have eaten it in hot and sour soup and like it but am excited to give it a try.

  27. I loved the video!!! The gong gong gong gong gong gong… was absolutely horrid!!!!! I'm suffering from a sinus headache that refuses to go away. I am anxious to make the curry flavored tofu. I just bought some curry powder, and I have the rest of the ingredients, so thank you so much!!!

  28. Junebug germanese

    you both are absolutely creative and talented…I love your ideas and love your channel!!

  29. Thank you for the awesome recipes. Will definitely try these on my Keto plan!

  30. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome. Showed this to my boyfriend and he's excited for some vegetarian dishes we can include in our meal prep.

  31. Travis In Canada

    Did vegetarian for a month as a personal experiment. Broke my 30 day goal with two 14oz Ribeyes in 1 week 🙂
    Personally I didn't feel any different and wasn't willing to continue past 30 days because my cat was starting to look like a big hamburger. While I don't think it is for everyone, I would recommend trying it to at least give yourself the opportunity to see. If it works for you and makes you feel better than by all means do it!

  32. Nice mixing it up, sometimes I just get meated out… lol. Looks great as usual!

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