Vegetarian JUNK FOOD Mukbang/sister Q&A (cereal, vegan nuggets, candy, ect)

Use code “CHELCIE15” to try the NUGGS! Here is the link… Be sure to follow my socials, I post daily content! ▻▻ I am all about …


  1. I love Beth’s hair!!

  2. Lololol I fucking love how Greg just came in hahahahahahahha and joined in. I love it hahahahaha he’s the best!

  3. Haha I live like 15 minutes from sulphur

  4. Taylor Justine

    That spider scared the piss out of me.

  5. Tammy… Chelsie… I can't wait for you to ACTUALLY FEEL those shrooms!!! Please try them again!!!! Try 3-4 grams. Don't listen to him. You need have a good experience!!! Do them with Greg!!!!2.5-3 grams each!!! You can make tea!!!! It's honestly the best and easiest way!!!! Grind up the shrooms… Divide them up equally and make Little shroom tea bags out of the grinded up shrooms (can use coffee filters to make the bags and elastic bands)… 2-3 grams of mushies per person should be enough to have a fantastic time!!! Let me know if you try it and how if goes!!!!!

  6. Chelcie be lookin good lately

  7. 13:11 there’s a spider by beffy!!!!!!!

  8. I was waiting all video for you guys to dip the nuggs in the sour cream dip. Then Greg came and did it and i was like YESSSS!

  9. Kimilicious .booty

    Y'all don't look stoned at all BTW….js

  10. Chrissy Darrah

    Love you guys! Thanks for the video. Try the Jalapeño M&Ms!! I don’t like shit like that, but they were pretty good!

  11. How do you make your onion dip?

  12. Jacqueline A. Graham

    PLEASE be Trailer Trash Tammy more. Please. It's so funny. She makes my day.

  13. Felicia Carter

    Most of that stuff isnt vegetarian lmao

  14. Jamie Von Essen

    the insta link takes me to a brunette….im so confused.

  15. Cathy Griffith


  16. I NEED TO MEET YOU GUYS!!! I live in Florida and I’m literally the same as y’all! Love this channel so much❤️

  17. Your hair is soooo pretty in this video

  18. Awe tilly I’m the back just waiting from them to drop some

  19. I'm so freaking hungry now lol

  20. Biffy's Dolly Parton tee, Jolene era was EVERYTHING!

  21. You guys should get drunk and do a Q&A!

  22. Lady Labyrinth

    That dip looks bomb

  23. Why did Marco move out?

  24. Blackkat RavenWolfe Productions

    Tilly says mommy give me a bite. She looks so pitiful that I'm so sad for the baby.

  25. Always love your vids personally i got 5 kids and they're all the shit my key is let them be themself and never lie to them keep it real no matter what

  26. Beth’s been having a issues opening stuff since that 2nd last vid lmao

  27. That poor dog is gross as hell and sick. Please do the right thing-and put her down. Please do the right thing.

  28. "do they have like a spice on them or am i trippin?"

  29. Ashley underwood

    You both are so pretty! The way you guys interact remind me of my sister and I 🙂

  30. How do you make your onion dip?

  31. Maureen Dianetti

    Why aren't you guys cracking up? Lol I would love to see you really high and just laughing your asses off. PLEASE do it next time!

  32. Rodney Waldrop

    How do you make your dip

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