Our meat free meal plan and vegetarian grocery food shop / haul for this week! RECIPES TO SOME OF THE MEALS THAT WE’RE HAVING THIS WEEK …


  1. Love your food shops! Where you and your husband both veggie before you met? X

  2. That comfort is my fave ever!! I love it so much, my whole house smells of it xxxx

  3. Soon to be Mrs Parnell

    I always love watching your food videos, I’m not vegetarian but I like to do some veggie meals and you always give me loads of ideas! Xx

  4. Great veggie meal suggestions- will definitely try these out. Hope you have a lovely holiday! Love your top!

  5. Miss Horror Geek

    I've gone from veggie to vegan but still enjoy your grocery hauls

  6. Lindsay McPupps

    Love your veggie shops. Haven't been to Tesco in years, I shop in Sainsburys and Aldi. Daughter in law loves Tesco … might have a nosey xxx

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