OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: Well, here is the 2017 entry into the FRUGAL FAMILY FOOD contest. We are the raining champs from 2016 and hopefully …


  1. WOW !! I'm Going to try this !! I have a TON of Sweet potatoes from our organic BTE Garden!

  2. tweeted

  3. Hey Stacy, I have raw organic cacao powder and raw organic cacao butter. Do you think I could use a combo of these in this desert instead of the unsweetened baking chocolate?

  4. Oh my! You're sure to win 2017! Looks amazing..

  5. so funny

  6. good tips .. thanks for lunch idea.

  7. It looks good.

  8. That is perfect for meatless Monday !!! Love the bonus dessert

  9. Looks yummy and the skirt you're wearing is adorable!

  10. looks good never thought of sweet potato in burrito. .

  11. I've got sweet potatoes I've been saving for something new. I'm trying this tonight! Thanks, Stacy.

  12. LOL … i heard that snoring and looked around because i thought it was one of my cats … when i didn't see any of them, i just figured they were laying somewhere that i couldn't see them … food looks awesome … thanks for taking the time to demonstrate … i remember my grandmom cooking on a wood-burning stove.

  13. This looks wonderful!! I'm going to try this tonight. Thank you. Stacy, you should publish a recipe book.


  15. Looks delicious! It reminds me of something I make at my house. We call it mexican squash. I use whatever kind of squash I have (I've used pumpkin, butternut, acorn and spagetti squash) and I mix in beans and salsa (I use medium spicy because it covers the squashy taste which helps my kids be willing to eat it) and put cheese on top. I have also added ground beef. I've never thought to put it in a tortilla. Thats a great idea! I'll have to try it with sweet potatoes next time.

  16. Danny's Off Grid Flat

    well done

  17. jay-mill camperman

    I really want to make a sweet potato burrito now lmao

  18. The Fundamental Home

    I can't tell you how excited I was when Doug said "Bonus Feature." I love the whole thing! Stacy, I just want to come learn from you! Thanks so much for making this video. We get requests for plant based, gluten free foods all the time! You are the best! I think this year may be a repeat win :)

  19. Where do you live ? And do you cook on a wood burning stove?

  20. I am new to your channel. I love the way you teach as you go as well as giving different options!!

  21. Frequent Frugal Family Foods Free From Forein Flavor Factors Favors Fullness For Favored Friends. Farewell.

  22. Looks amazing and simple to prepare. Thanks for sharing.

  23. That looks awesome

  24. Stacy, Would that constitute a lunch for Doug? or an evening meal and as a completely vegetarian meal would it supply him sufficient calories/energy for a day on the farm. Especially a day like taking down trees and lugging firewood. Thanks

  25. Homesteaders of America

    They look delicious!!

  26. The Fewell Homestead


  27. Fantastic video.

  28. Those look delish. I love quesadillas.

  29. Great video! Can't wait to make this, thank you for sharing your recipes

  30. Those are really filled up full, they look amazing.

  31. ❤❤❤

  32. Tangi The Cavers Wife

    Holy Cow!! I am so making this.

  33. Thank you! This meal is great because it can be tailored to suit anybody's diet needs.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  34. shannon templeton

    That looks awesome. I'm making that for my husband tonight… Thanks!

  35. Love this, I make something almost like this and roll them into balls 🙂  Thanks for sharing

  36. Lourie Family Homestead

    Sweet potatoes are delish. Thanks for sharing.

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