Vegetarian Food That Looks Like The Real Thing – Foodporn: EP14

Irene tries vegetarian abalone, pork, and fish to see if they taste as good as they look! Irene’s Instagram Visit our channel for more …


  1. OMG I'm trying to turn vegetarian and I would love the vegetarian salmon bcs I really can't let go of sushi

  2. this restaurant Muslims can eat pork ?

  3. where is this

  4. I'm soooo confused right now because every Chinese New Year we have abalone and I eat like a hundred. We always have a huge bowl full of abalone. Someone please explain

  5. Jeremy “XxLionWaterxX” Camyog

    What is this i mean vegetarian eat fish? If so why are they replacing the real fish with soy bean? Can't they just eat the fish

  6. I'm very jealous

  7. i think you are fat , but you're not iam jeoulos to jou

  8. that was amazing! yeahh for veggie stuff

  9. U should let qiu qiu go to UBI road near the Indian road

  10. can u make more episodes? I need to feel extremely hungry again

  11. i want part 2 of this!

  12. BieberJustthetruth


  13. I miss this lady, more videos please

  14. I love thet girl Liao

  15. Omg i need to go there! ❤️ TT^TT

  16. im not jealous cause i dun like abalone and i can eat it anytime

  17. its so warm to hear cantonese ^^

  18. I'm American and all this looks amazing my mouth is drooling I was I could eat it

  19. Florencia Auditore Dorian

    omg I knew they spoke cantonese

  20. MamegomaCafeSweets

    omg im going to take a blood test tom and i cant eat and watching you is killing me aaaaaa

  21. Finally for vegetarian

  22. i love the way the host talks lol

  23. Can I just mention how fab that girl's hair looks

  24. Omg can someone tell me where to find this place?!

  25. The host is cute

  26. More video from foodporn please I'm waiting for more episodes 

  27. Wow. Everything looks delicious. I wished more Chinese restaurants could offered this type of vegetarian alternatives in their restaurants.

  28. man… how many language can the host say..!!! amazing

  29. It's nice tho. It doesn't have the smelly taste as meat. My mom is a vegetarian, I'm not but I also eat it with her. The vegetarian meat is nice if you know how to cook or eat it.

  30. Zenna is cute

  31. omg , whể to try all theseeeee 

  32. I am chinese and i can understand what they are saying

  33. we split 50-50 ahh continue preasse lol damn funny

  34. Irene you are so fun to watch. Please make more YT vids.

  35. the host is awesome. So funny and very entertaining :D

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