Vegetarian Food in Singapore

Hope you enjoy this quick spiel on what I ate in Singapore! Desserts at about 3:10 🙂 —————————————– ❤ FOLLOW ME ❤ ➫ Instagram: …


  1. Sanathan Dharm Bharat warrior syama krishnan

    You missed to recommend about Indian vegetarian restaurants in Sg

  2. Smruti Rekha Pani

    Please suggest some good eggless bake shop and icecream shops also

  3. Dixon Varghese

    Vegetarian foods always good :)) Nice Vlog!

  4. Wish I had seen this before going to Singapore, so helpful! Now I will know what to get next time. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Annie Sangaroonthong

    Food envy

  6. Nate & Katie Havener

    Thanks for sharing! Great list of restaurants, the food looked amazing!

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