Vegetarian food in Phnom Pen [Follow Me Around] Cambodia

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  1. Great video !! Cant wait to go

  2. Prostitution and drugs dealer in Cambodia? I guess you don't have many day to live in Cambodia.

  3. I run a hotel but had never stayed in one until that one in PP. The Camory was great for $8 right on the riverfront strip Siowath Ave. Close to all the tourist crap and seedy cheap nightlife. The night market was fun too being only 3 blocks away. Kep is where it's at though and Kompot a distant second.


    the rent is too damm high ''down by the river", and so is the grub. i will be back in Cambodia the last week end of dec -15. i will be passing out cards with a link to so flag me down if any of you spot me.

  5. I am Cambodian, and I know that my country is not worst as this Video show. You have such a badly purpose to post this video, We have many luxary Hotels, Travel Places Like our unique temples, etc. Do you think your country is the most amazing country ? Why you use your education to damage other country? Is this human behaviour ? You just travel such a miserly traveling and than post thus shot video to the world. I am not stupid to believe Cambodia is poorly as this video had shown about. You say something that seem you are enjoy it and evrything is affordable, but exactly you looked down my country. So, if you decide to do this, we are not welcome for this kind of tourist. The restaurant you ate vegetable soup is infront of my house, so  I know how cheap is it. Make sure you are perfect. Look at the mirror and ask yourself is it right to do that?

  6. Sisowath Quay is a fun area.  Choeng Ek is somber and a must see.  Thanks for sharing this.

  7. The video should have been called ''Vegetarian food and shish taouk in Phnom Pen'' It has nothing to do with drugs and prostitution.

  8. Great video!! Gona ckeck out the next

  9. ????…

  10. Why do some Americans go to other countries then diss the country? Is America paradise? Especially for Afro Americans ? Please check yourselves. There are plenty of crackheads and prostitutes in the hood. Man, what ignorance…

  11. You had nice hostel, I never knew there was one there, alas street 136 is very nice and the girls there are bar girls who usually make a living enticing you to buy a drink for her so she gets $1.00 tip from bar. Of course if she likes a guy it's up to her what to do.
    You also showed my local 24/7 Neil's which sells almost everything. All in all a great video but a bit mistaken. As long as you enjoyed yourself and were safe that is all that matters.
    Cambodia is beautiful. We love it, thank you for visiting. 

  12. Lame video. "prostitutes and drugs……….." what a fucked up title for such a nice place. Also the 70's called and they want their hair style back. lol  you suck go back to Korea 

  13. So nice of him to let u use his shades especially when he's driving… So cool u got to hang out with ppl u met at the hostel. I love these tapes

  14. The "shack" restaurants are usually the best. Never had a bad meal.

  15. I cannot sleep like that. Is it safe? Don't they have hotels?

  16. I Know Everything

    Too many stinky weirdos in the hostels

  17. Thank you for the video! It brought back many cool memories of my own trip there.

  18. Cambodia is an awesome place to travel.

  19. how can you eat in restaurants that serve dead animals and cats?  See no evil, hear no evil = I guess is your philosophy.  They eat millions of puppies and cats each year.  Do you eat yours raw?

  20. That food looks so good. 

  21. Cherish Adventure

    The food looks so good. They seem to have a lot of vegetarian options. Do they use sugar in the sauces and rice? Also is the food spicy? Looks like this is the best time of year to visit it's not crowded.

  22. really hope to make it to cambodia someday. does their food have unique spices? the prostitution is always depressing, though, & the men who travel for that super creepy, imo.

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