Vegetarian Food in Japan I Top 10 must try Vegetarian Dishes of Japan

I spent two weeks in Japan eating all the amazing vegetarian food. To my surprise, I found many options. This is the first vlog of my Japan series and its about …


  1. Medhya Tripathi

    How did you tell them to give you the vegetarian dishes?

  2. Loved the video! Want to try these some day!

  3. Great video babe❤️

  4. I am vegetarian too…. TFS… joined u.

  5. The Hapiness Cocktail

    Awesome video, planning to visit Japan soon 🙂 love from your new subs!! lets connect on Insta!!

  6. Pulkit Chaturvedi

    Awesome video. This will help me a lot in my travel.

  7. अच्छी और उपयोगी जानकारी
    सीए आदीश कुमार जैन

  8. Hey..solo traveling is possible in Japan.. they give visa for solo travel..any idea

  9. Great video! The food looks super yummy.

  10. Excellent vlog swati. Very use full for a vegetarian going to Japan.

  11. Awesome sweetheart

  12. Wow I like the rabbit hahaha so cute!

  13. Wow awesome

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