Vegetarian food ideas, baking tons of bread, switching bedrooms, new cookbooks

Simply Sara Kitchen Mushroom Stroganoff: Honey wheat bread: …


  1. I really like your living room It looks so much bigger with more natural light. And love your dining room. Your bedroom looks very cozy. You have a very sweet house

  2. Rhonda IfYouDoStuffStuffGetsDone

    Just saying hi and enjoyed your visit ❤️

  3. Wow what a difference in your living room! I really like the way you have it arranged now! Well done ! The Depression book looks so interesting ! I think the boys room looks great! And your bedroom looks very cozy. Thanks so much for sharing ! Have a lovely day !

  4. Your new furniture/bedroom arrangements look really nice 🙂 Poor puppies got booted out into the hallway during the move, lol. I hope your weather is improving out there! The wind out here on the east coast is so intense it’s ripping siding off our house!

  5. Kate, everything looks cozy and your living room looks twice a big now. Also, I wanted to let you know that the school is closed today because of the weather. It is currently -40. Do you think Trump would let me cross the boarder so I can go live in your garage. LOL

  6. Just came back from a trip to the market and it's 7 degrees here! I am so jealous of your greens! We won't see fresh local produce for months and months other than organic in the market.

    Making vegan enchiladas tonight.

    Oh….vegan mayo and a little red wine vinegar is my vegan sour cream.

  7. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I just have one tip: dry any clothing on high in the dryer for 30 minutes, and it will kill all the bed bugs. I only mention this because where I live we are in number 5 of the nation for bed bugs. My rice cooker is working, no worries. I love Danielle Steele. Read "The Ring" it's her best one. And it was a mini series on TV, I watched it in high school, went out and bought the book, and read it in four days, which is a record for me. I literally was reading for like 11 hours every day. (I'm a slow reader – 20 pages an hour).

  8. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I was going to make tacos (vegetarian/vegan), out of kidney beans. From It's Gregg's Kitchen: I've been stuck inside since Thursday we got hit with a Winter storm (Harvey), and it was really cold today. It only reached up to 11 degrees. I have to see if my rice cooker works.

  9. Loraine Macdonald


  10. Toss some pinto beans, mushrooms, onion, S&P into your blender. Voila … burger. 🙂 That's basic … but you can add your nutritional yeast, garlic or whatever flavorings you like. Takes two minutes.

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