Vegetarian Food Diary | Brunch & Boyfriend Time | Lazy Sunday

What I Eat In A Day! My book is available NOW! You can order it on amazon for only £5.99: Camera used to film is the Olympus PEN: …


  1. Wow how tall are you two? I remember you saying that you're about 6'0"?

  2. OMG I just kept saying "Nom!" when you went through your dinner and dessert. haha

  3. Squats and Salads

    I love how we share a love for nut butter

  4. Carbs Are Happiness

    Ant cooked up such a nice dinner for you both!! Looked delicious! He's a real gem 🙂

  5. You're on fire with the videos Zanna, smashing them out.

  6. Aimee Louise Fit

    I'm in bed feeling ill and this is just what I needed to make me feel a bit better xx that ice cream thing at Wholefoods looked amazing!

  7. Ant is so gorgeous! As are you obviously. But I think I remember you saying in one of your other vlogs that he wasn't that confident in his looks. What a nutter! (and if you didn't ever say that and I just made it up then ignore me haha)

  8. is the collective yogurt healthy?

  9. Cute couple ❤️

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