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Vegetarian food that I love! Easy to find at many stores, including WalMart! Here are the links: …


  1. Check out the Vegan Black Metal Chef on Youtube. I am a proud carnivore, but his food makes me drool and his music is good too.

  2. Can't get morningstar in uk. FUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

  3. lol grains are so unhealthy.

  4. If they were to invent a way to get meat without killing or hurting animals at all, would you eat that meat?

    I wouldn't. I just don't like meat anyway, lol.

  5. I haven't gone completely vegan yet, I'm trying to, cause I know it's way healthier. I have been trying to find recipes for vegan foods. a few YouTube channels I like are Mark Anthony, Rawvana English, CookingWithPlants, and The Vegetarian Baker. I suck at cooking but I'm trying to learn lol.

  6. Opinionated Bastard

    now show the recipient

  7. Now all you have to do is give up the fake meat.

  8. Are you a VEGAN or a VEGETARIAN, as I see Soyamilk, but I would dub that as Vegan,. or i'm missing something 😛

    FUN FACT: People keep going " WHAT ABOUT BACON!?!?!?!!!111/1/1??1   It's super unhealthy for 1….. ( I'm british so, British bacon is what I think americans call Canadian bacon because we have similar things? Idk I don't eat them :/)

  9. Processed food is bad for you. Alot of junk food. Some of the soy/almond milk add sugar and other junk. Omly eat unprocessed plants.

  10. I've heard doctor Mc Dougall explain why a lot of these easy vega(n) alternatives are still risky health wise, everything but the tofu if I remember correctly. Ethically they're a total improvement, of course. I like your approach to making videos.

  11. try rice milk…i drink the vanilla rice milk and its freaking amazing! lol but really, you should try it…

  12. I want to read that book! Just got done reading "Eating animals".

    Keep the videos coming.

  13. I have no problems with vegetarians as long as they dont shove it down my throat and try to convert me but one thing I despise is people who insist on making their cats, dogs, whatever be vegetarian too as that is unhealthy and simply cruel.

  14. ConCiencia & ComPasión

    I think its the worst way to make the transition!! WHY?? do u need all this substitutes for anything?? check CRON-O-METER use it online and try to eat VEGAN all day. Start the day with smothie of 3 bananas and 1tbsp hemp seeds if u drink soy milk you can have a complete meal been vegan make a pasta with a nice vegan sc and a homemade easy pizza and your day as a vegan is gone 2500 calories easily if u had some nice fruits.

  15. Even if I decided to go veg. (which I contemplate sometimes), I don't think I'd ever go ALL the way. Example, when my parents make amazing meals at their place, a lot of the times there's either chicken, steak, lamb, pork, you name it. It's not that often I even have meals at my mom's house. Sure I could refuse what they're cooking, but I'm just making life difficult for myself and them. I don't wanna be that person who's all stingy when people cook food for me especially when I like what they're making.

  16. OMG BOCA BURGERS!! Damn like I remember when I tried to be vegetarian…couldn't do it. Caved at the end of the week. But I'm gonna give it another shot since now know more foods I can try. 🙂 thanks, J

  17. silk almond milk over soy milk all day, every day

  18. when I was in Nebraska they had 'soyriso' it was really good.  Better then the real choriso because it has much less fat. 

  19. Wait… Why do you need soya milk?

  20. Wait… Why do you need soya milk?

  21. This was fun to watch. Im ALMOST a vegetarian because I have almost no money XD so I almost never buy meat, and when I do ITS DISGUSTING to prepare, and no matter how many recipes I try my meat ALWAYS tastes disgusting. So I gave up on that. I buy wholegrains, beans, spices, fruit, nuts and frozen vegetables/fruit. Sometimes fresh vegetables and almond milk. If I do this my weekly expenditure in food is super low. When I eat meat is because my family makes it, or im eating outside because im depressed and hungry, or a friend brings me some dish with it. What I have to watch is my processed shit intake. Yes. But I have an incentive,wich is evertime I eat ANYTHING that isnt what I buy from the grocery, or at a health food restaurant, I feel HORRIBLE, faint, weak, sick, sluggish. 

  22. Anukool Srivastava

    try indian vegeterian dishes they r very tasty and spicy u will love it 😀 i am also a vegeterian try chole bhathure  & dosa

  23. What are vegan meat made of ?!

  24. You should of given kitty more spotlight

  25. I'm always rather perplexed why vegetarians would want to eat meat-flavored anything.  If you like the taste of meat, just eat meat.  There are an endless number of wonderfully delicious vegetarian recipes that don't try to mimic meat.  As Austen points out, Indian cuisine is fabulous for vegetarians, and there's a lot of great Chinese and other Asian cuisines in that vein too.  Basically, anywhere Buddhism has a long tradition, you will find a long tradition of amazing vegetarian cuisine.

    Also, there's one food that does not have any acceptable vegetarian substitute: cheese.
    Certain types of vegetarians are still ok to eat meat products that don't involve killing or harming animals, so cheese is still on the menu for them, but for those who don't eat dairy, they are seriously missing out on something for which there is absolutely no substitute.

  26. This entire video could've just been you saying, "Indian food. That is all." 

    But seriously, if you have the means and are open to it as a cultural experience, I highly recommend going to a Hare Krishna temple where they serve a vegetarian feast (usually on Sundays.)

    I find full on veganism to be a little extreme. Milk is an amazing product if you can get it raw. You know, when they don't burn out all the nutrients.

  27. I'd recommend "Tofurkey" lunchmeats, and rather than Walmart soymilk I'd suggest Almond or Rice milk. Personally I think they taste better if you're going to drink it by itself.

  28. Just out of curiosity, have you tried asian brand soy milk/tofu? I know I've tried non-asian brand soy milk and it taste NOTHING like the kind I buy from an asian store or the kind my mom usually makes (I'm chinese, my family makes soy milk at home)

  29. Not going to lie, i eat meat but i always support & respect vegetarians for being strong willed and headstrong. I absolutely hate when people bash on vegetarians. There is absolutely no reason to hate them. If anything, respect them for leaving less devastation and destruction behind. Sorry, i'm not very good at explaining things, but you get the point. Also, i'm also an athiest but i try to spread love, not hate. There's enough hate in this world, i don't want to fuel the fire

  30. I drink Silk almond milk instead of the soy– morning star grillers prime are good and high in protein– I do eat meat but VERY limited

  31. @jjay123,
    Re; "you can't make a generalized claim that it is "very bad for you". Things like turkey, chicken, Bison, fish, etc are very lean and tons of protein."

    But that's only part of the story. They're also packed with environmental toxins, saturated fats and cholesterol. And while the level of saturated fat and cholesterol may be less than in beef, sheep and pork, it's still way too high for a proper human diet.  If you check the 19 traits which demonstrate the natural digestive physiology for animals (i.e. teeth, saliva, salivary enzymes, jaw-hinge location, jaw movement, stomach capacity, stomach HCL, digestive tract length, claws/fingernails, interior colon contour, colon routing, etc.), you find that humans are mono-gastric herbivores.

    As for protein, please list the people you know who have suffered from a protein deficiency.  Can you even give me the name of the disease caused by a protein deficiency?  Dr. John McDougall has presented a $25,000 challenge for anyone to construct a reasonable diet centered around starches and other carbohydrates, which has sufficient calories but is deficient in protein. To date, no one has been able to do it. If you're eating any kind of reasonable diet with sufficient calories, you're receiving more than sufficient protein. The protein myth is perhaps the most pervasive fraud ever perpetrated by the food industry.

    Let's also remember that when we eat animals, we're losing most of the calories invested in raising those animals.  As a general rule, you extract only 10% of the calories you invested. When you remember that there are millions of people starving to death on this planet, it really makes little sense to be throwing away nine-tenths of the available calories, to consume foods which aren't just wasteful, but inherently unhealthy for the body of a mono-gastric herbivore, and a detriment to the environment.

    Remember that fish are composed of fat soluble tissues, swimming in a water-based environment. All of the pesticides which drain off of agricultural lands and their crops, end up in the water table but can't dissolve in water. So they remain suspended until ingested by anything with fatty tissues (such as tiny aquatic insects, small fish, etc.). Then larger fish eat the small fish and the aquatic insects and those fat soluble toxins are passed to their fatty tissues. When all is said and done, fish often have pesticide levels 90,000 times higher than in the water in which they live.  So they're low in fat, and high on chlorinated-hydrocarbon pesticides and many other forms of toxins.

    Remember also that "lean" when speaking of meat is still very fatty as compared to most plant foods.  Try comparing the fat in 6 ounces of bison meat verses six ounces of broccoli and potatoes.  So when all is said and done, the meat is still "very bad for you", and the plant-based diet is not just better for you, but for the rest of the human race (who then also get to eat), for the animals (who get to live in their natural numbers), for the fresh water of the planet (which is wasted in volumes nearly beyond calculation), and for the environment as a whole.

    By the way, a protein deficiency results in a disease called Kwashiorkor. Ever heard of it?

  32. Vegan life is not just about rejecting the consumption of flesh its about accepting the consumption of natural foods.. Thou you aren't eating meat, buying cheap processed foods is not healthy and is not vegan.. Vegans eat natural and by natural i mean organic..

  33. Yes meat is not necessary, but you can't make a generalized claim that it is "very bad for you". Things like turkey, chicken, Bison, fish, etc are very lean and tons of protein.

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