Vegetarian Curry Okra Recipe.

Here’s a quick and tasty way to prepare okra or ochro as it’s known in the Caribbean. First we’ll create an aromatic base with diced onion, garlic and curry powder, then we’ll toss in the okra…


  1. As I'm sure your mama told you……Very Sexy when a man cooks! ….thanks for sharing your videos…..Rose from California

  2. Very good

  3. I like the curry okro

  4. Plastic spoon???

  5. I love okro thats my favourite vegetable

  6. Why did you de-slime the okra?
    It is the slimy portion of the okra that actually makes an okra an okra. Once de-slimed, it should no longer be called an okra.
    It is this same slimy portion that makes FUFU disappear off your plate like magic. So, let okra be okra.

  7. Yaaammmmmy love it looks sooo beautiful

  8. I don’t think getting rid of the Lady Finger slime is a good thing as that’s where the health benefit of digestion comes from.


    are u still around?

  10. MonkeyBoyDrinksVat69

    Thanks for sharing. Good tips.

  11. The slimey part is where the healthier part of okra is. My favorite part.

  12. being from Texas I grew up eating fried okra but not with all those extra spices, just plain with cornmeal , I sure miss eating fried okra

  13. Thanks for your delecios receipt.

  14. BlueWise NinjaOwl

    Hey Chris really like your videos!!! Just Subbed! I prefer Jamaican Curry instead of Indian or Pakistan Curry. I sometimes mix India curry powder with Jamaican Curry powder and mix with coconut cream and makes and awesome sauce to go over Yellow,White or Purple Yam. with some French Thyme It absolutely awesome.

  15. what is the benefits of okra to our body

  16. i always. cook bamia soup or okra soup…or just boil it…yummy

  17. Okra with mushrooms / Mantarlı bamya:

  18. This is too dry

  19. Thank you for this post !

  20. I plant okra so I eat okra  every day I pick it wash n eat it just like that taste very good. then after eating that I drink some lime water,then I am good to go yeah

  21. Solange Vallière

    i love it when you do that

  22. Solange Vallière

    i love it when you do that

  23. Solange Vallière

    i love it when you do that

  24. Solange Vallière

    i love it when you do that

  25. Solange Vallière

    i love it when you do that

  26. I love eating okra.Thank for showing your video…

  27. philip hardington

    thank you so much good work x

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