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  1. I Love I Heart Recipes! I've shared her channel with FACEBOOK, family & friends. I Heart Recipes please believe!!!!! cooking made easy!!!!! Yum! Yum! Bon appetit!!!!!

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    Made this today for the fam bam and everyone loved them! My bf is Muslim so he doesn't eat pork or any other meat not bought from a halal butcher, and it had been a while since I'd been able to enjoy a good pot of collards and cornbread since moving in with him. The only thing I did differently was that I cooked a big batch in a pot and adjusted by adding more of the other veggies, added smoked paprika, used Creole seasoning instead of plain seasoning salt and boiled them in vegetable stock. I also added a bit of vinegar pepper sauce. That pot likker was divine and we sopped it all up with homemade Southern cornbread.

  3. Nice…very simple, I can just go to my garden and pick some greens and peppers…Excellent! Thank you sweet heart.

  4. I am gonna try this recipe and keep you posted. GB thanks

  5. Thank you for your post

  6. Queenkim LiFeisgolden

    Ok this looks amazing I'm going to try this .

  7. looks good, definitely making this tomorrow

  8. mmmm.. looks good.. i'll be doing this recipe for Thanksgiving tomorrow… thank you!

  9. looks tasty AND delicious…I love your video…thank you for sharing!

  10. you have recepie of mustard green? thanks

  11. Very nice and easy recipe.  I appreciate your time and effort; thank you.

  12. Thank you!

  13. Kulinary Kreations

    I Liked Your Fb Page And Invited some friends to like it too. Nice Recipe and looks great!

  14. Looks good,I've cooked greens like this for many years,but I use vegetable broth and a jalapeño pepper,delicious!!

  15. Thank you just found my Friday night dinner for my family!

  16. Vegetable stock would be nice in this recipe. Nice job! Looks great!

  17. In your notes, you said as we know, smoked meats are the healthiest to eat, didn't you mean that smoked meats are not the healthiest to eat?

  18. Nice, easy recipe for an aging new vegan convert. Have any more like this?

  19. Girl you know you be doing the thing in the big KKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

  20. Lady Rosie , That looks delicious ! I have made collards without meat before and they still taste great ! Try beans without meat too . What is nice about doing this is that you taste the vegetables and hopefully they are able to do their job in our bodies ! 

  21. i see all the meats and such you cook and no your not a vegetarian…but why? why vegetarian collard greens….if u dont have bacon or hamhocks in there can they really be called greens? haha

  22. Actually I've been making smaller portions a lot lately. Btw, my family loved these greens.

  23. Welp…guess the family doesn't like the healthy collards because you made a very, very small portion. When everything else you make is in such a larger portion.

  24. ObedienceOrSacrifice

    Great recipe, this is the normal way I fix all my greens, I rarely cook meat in mine, when I say rarely probably in the last 15yrs i've only used meat twice maybe..TFS!

  25. great job on eating healthier, I have recently about 3 months have been eating healthy and I love it, also check out sparkspeople for your weight loss journey if you decide to, love you vids keep up the good work.

  26. You are a woman of your word, thanks for making this vegan dish. Much appreciated since I do not eat meat. If you want a smokey flavor you can add a little liquid smoke or smoked paprika as I do. Will definitely make this. 

  27. Such a great vegetarian recipe! Great job! Subscribed :)

  28. This looks great!!! I'm vegetarian and it is hard to recreate some southern foods without meat. I've made vegetarian greens once and they turned out pretty tasty! I added liquid smoke to get that flavor that meat provides and it was very good

  29. Heyyyyyyyy doll that dish is sooooo colorful lovely thanks fo sharin stay sweet ;))

  30. Ooooo this looks so good!!! Definitely will try this recipe out real soon.

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