VEGETARIAN CHINESE FOOD (It tastes like meat?!) – Fung Bros Food

CORRECTION* Soy does NOT contain estrogen. It contains something similar to estrogen, but it has NOT been proven to have the same effects. ▸ FUNG BROS …


  1. If I dont eat meat soon, it might not be a happy family! lol

  2. 1:39 egg drops out of andrews mouth

  3. Sweet and Sour Adventures

    meanwhile David is at the non-vegetarian one

  4. She is beautiful

  5. Korean Spicy Braised Tofu

  6. Real talk though, Andrew, I'm getting old school Fung Bros vibes from this video, keep it up!

  7. Andrew swooping in on Crystal and all the other girls when Davids away, I see you!

  8. Bradley Martyn's Hat

    Fuck vegans. Go die

  9. A lot of vegetarian Chinese is also made with wheat gluten which is delicious sweet and sour fried up so good and textured very much like meat


  11. I noticed her chopsticks crossing

  12. Is the Soy genetically modified in USA? I heard that 98% of the soy is being genetically modified.

  13. I dont want to sound mean, but i would like someone to help me understand why if someone os giving up animal products they eat food that mimics an animal product? I had a friend who didnt eat meat and never ate an alternative meat substitude. Like I said im just curious im not shading anyone I just want to know the logic behind it. Thanks in advance for those that answer my inquiry.

  14. crystal is HOT bro….hook me up : )

  15. Andrew be hitting Crystal with a thang and thang

  16. Lmao , just gonna say it theyre youtube basically lowkey dying

  17. Did Andrew smash

  18. Am I the only one that thinks they would be a good couple?

  19. She is wrong about the Soy /estrogen connection. Soy has plant estrogens called phytoestrogens that hinder the body's natural estrogen from attaching to cells. For men and boys, the phytoestrogens in soy do not appear to have any effect on hormone levels and have not been shown to affect sexual development or fertility.

    Plus if soy had those effects, Asian women's racks wouldn't be so small/flat.

    Her Asian parents must be disappointed in her lack of scientific knowledge. She brought shame to her dojo.

  20. That place looks really good!

  21. Wears David

  22. try going to different types of fancy salads places

  23. Just curios, who's Andrew's and David's girlfriend, r they single

  24. I'd love to become a vegetarian I just don't know how; when you've be a meetatarian for so long it's hard…

  25. Having no meat in your diet is unhealthy. I don't eat beef offended. I don't have enough engrgy, sleep lot, n tired.

  26. Try Bangladeshi food before i smack you .

  27. if it doesnt have msg i dont want it

  28. yay crystal is abclk

  29. Meech LA look alike!

  30. im a Meatatarian

  31. Try Bangladeshi Food!!!!

  32. Why are they separated? Can anyone tell me

  33. david turning his bro into a work horse while he enjoys life

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