Serving: 8 Ingredients: Rice: 3 Cups 1/2 Onion Diced 1/2 Cup Corn Half cup Peas 1 Cup Salsa 1 Medium Tomato Puree Salt and Pepper to taste 1 Tsp Garlic …


  1. beautiful food, beautiful girl

  2. I really like your receipts
    Please upload more easy recipes

  3. These are delicious! Thank you for this lovely recipe and making it so easy to follow.

  4. Trusha, this last Saturday we served chimchangas at our church for the needy in our community and we used your 'paste method' and all the Mexican women that helped now think I am some awesome cook because of your paste idea. I told them that it was not my idea and gave your credit because it worked so well and every chimichanga (220 in total) stayed perfectly wrapped instead of some unwrapping like they usually do. Just thought you might like to know. Oh, we made some vegetarians chimichanganas too. I chopped some soy (extra firm) into 1/4 inch cubes and let them marinade over night in some salsa. The vegetarians loved them.

  5. I really liked the idea of making a water and flour glue to help keep the chimi from unrolling. If I may give a suggestion though, if you spray the tortillas with a pan spray or brush the oil on, you can bake them instead of deep frying. The Chimichanga turns out just as good but with less calories. If you use a high heat oven (425 or higher) the tortilla come out crispy. Also, your rice looked a bit mushy because you kept stirring it. Every time you lifted the lid, you let out heat so the rice takes longer to cook and comes out mushy from that and the stirring. Add boiling water to the toasted rice and once it has a nice boil going again give ti a last stire and put the lid on for 20 minutes and LEAVE IT ALONE.

  6. excellent!
    please upload more recipes. like all your recipes.

  7. excellent!
    please upload more recipes. like all your recipes.

  8. lol real mexican people don't eat chimichangas

  9. Excellent  !!!!!!!!

  10. Hello Trusha.. Like your recipe here.. Try next time "Los Amigos" or "On The Border" Mexican restaurent if you have in your Area, they have really good Chimichanga's will all the ingredients you just used. But again.., i'm gonna try this Recipe – probabaly with little bit more twists.

  11. love shine bright

    Real vegetarian chimichangas for once!

  12. Great :)) 

  13. Thank you! Loved the recipe

  14. Nelly Rodriguez

    Gracias!!! =D Can't wait!!

  15. Nelly Rodriguez

    Love this!!! Can you cook some dhokla? I really love it but I don't know how to make it.

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