Vegetarian Chili Recipe for Carnivores

Here’s a hearty, healthy vegetarian chili recipe that’ll put a little pep in your step. If you’re a die-hard carnivore, your initial reaction is probably NOPE, but you should give meatless…


  1. Humbulani Madzena

    I am in South Africa and with chef buck I never really struggle to get all the ingredients in my country, your recipes are very easy and too tasty my family love them.

  2. Hey Chef Buck, Great Cooking. One thing I would like to see you make is liver pate. My dad could make it and we all use to fight over it every Christmas. He passed before I could get the complete recipe. He said he would grind it and he used garlic and broth and I did not get any more from him. He also said it took like 8 hours to make ???

  3. Great video! By the way, nice looking kitchen! Did you guys move?

  4. Yummm! Girl from Ipanema, that's great! I love you guys!

  5. Chili Cili waaaaaau vary teysti good on you

  6. That cat knows what's up lol.

  7. Oh man BOOM that looks so good and I will be making this with the jalapeno corn bread muffins. Thank you Chef Buck and Camera Girl for yet another tasty treat!! Love the addition of root vegetables and zucchini. Keep up the good work!!

  8. MANNY~EmberDim

    B-But, Buck… I needs mah meat! >:o

    I trust you though! So i'll give this a try sometime!

  9. Betty Whitegirl

    I like your rub and release technique…

  10. Looks yummy. Congrats on your new home/kitchen is very nice.

  11. This looks very similar to a chili I made earlier this week, except I put in a pound of ground turkey, so it wasn't vegetarian, and instead of having muffins, I added corn to the chili also.

  12. Raggy Ragsdale

    It's Colorful!! Raggy

  13. i like it a little soupy so that i can add corn flour or pulverized tortilla chips at the end to thicken and add that flavor to it that i like in chili.

  14. Preciousgem Stylez

    That looks delicious. Camera girl cornbread muffins look fantastic. BOOM!! TFS

  15. i always have cans of beans and tomatoes in my household ..they can be used in so many ways …have a great weekend i must go over my taxes …may the Lord protect me …:D

  16. How would it taste with firm tofu in it? I just might have to try it out

  17. Vincent DiNatale

    I believe this is illegal lol

  18. We like to add some chipotles in adobo sauce in our chili, it really makes the dish

  19. Robb's Homemade Life

    I like to add lentils instead of beans and mushrooms and finely grated carrot and chopped olives and a lot more onion and soy curls. Those corn muffins looked amazing.

  20. Looks yummy can't wait to try it

  21. The simple life

    Looking good. Looking good.

  22. The luck, inspiration and positive from Uliana

    So amazing recipe

  23. Looks Yummy, and Camera Girls muffin looks like a winner with the chilli, why do you rinse the kidney beans? Cut down on gas?

  24. الحياة حلوة

    it's look like egyption food

  25. Super duper – BOOM fantastic .
    Thanks Chef Buck and Camera girl

  26. I think its called ratatouille.

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