Vegetarian Borscht Recipe | Ukrainian Beetroot Soup

How to make Borscht, Beet Soup. RECIPE HERE: Support me on Patreon: Get MY FREE E-BOOK – Come to my SUPPER CLUB :…


  1. You are the best chef

  2. Вегетарианский борщ не пробовал но наверно вкусно.Алла какое у вас декольте ммммм.)))

  3. OMG…I love Borscht!! YUM YUM

  4. Ahoy no latvijas

  5. Country Hill Cottage

    Something delicious to keep us warm on those chilly London nights! Great recipe, Alla!

  6. For us it was always an Autumn early Winter recipe. As always a nicely done video on a classic 🙂

  7. Hey Alla AMAZING recipe i LLLOOVVED IT i love your videos but i rarley comment on them

  8. Hey Alla, I'm still enjoying your channel after all these years. Big likes!!!

  9. This looks delicious, a perfect recipe for me right now because I have a big head of cabbage, beetroots and carrots in the fridge.

  10. Alla, as a Jewish guy I've always heard the T pronounced. I notice that your T in Borscht is silent.

  11. Thank you for sharing your grandmas recipe. Can you also use cooked beetroot?

  12. Just found your channel and can see you are very passionate and love what you do! I'm totally into health and fitness too! I usually post recipes and workout videos but today I posted the 10K Calorie Challenge!! It'd be sweet if you watched and told me what you think?☺️

  13. Looks so good! I've never heard of it before but its worth giving it a try!! I showed your channel to a bunch of my close friends!! I really hope you get to 100K soon!!

  14. Privet, sweet adorable Alla. Your vegetarian recipe look simply gorgeous.

  15. I went on a Ukraine mission trip to help teach English and had Borscht almost daily, and loved it.

  16. Looks real good. I love eating a nice warm soup during fall

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