Vegetarian Borscht (Борщ) | Authentic Russian Beet Soup Recipe

I am super excited to share with you our family recipe for a vegetarian borscht! Although there are a few different variations of borscht, I decided to show you the …


  1. great recipe! definitely gonna try it tomorrow?
    Вы говорите по русски, Оля? можно добавить консервированную красную фасоль вместо или дополнительно к картофелю?

  2. I'll try this next week! Vegan Borsh, great❤️

  3. I tasted this some years ago at university and I loved it. Was going through Youtube and I remembered it.
    I will surely try it :)

  4. Russians are better than Americans

  5. Side question, where did you get your water kettle?

    Love your videos too! <3

  6. я люблю борщ!

  7. you sound like a 7 years old

  8. i made this receipe a couple of times but i have to say 2 liters of water is way too much imo it turned out way too watery. 1.5 liter max is what worked best for me ;)

  9. Russians and their sour cream or mayo! Can there there be dish without one of those main ingredients, yes, I like to say switch to yogurt. Also add a tea spoon of vinegar to keep "борщ" more red.

  10. Thank you Olga. I'm Russian/Armenian. My mom cooked Borsh for me since I was a toddler. I haven't tried cooking borsh yet, since I've gone vegan. I will try this recipe.

  11. ha, you weren't vegan yet back then, huh 🙂 I would add just a very very tiny amount of nut milk to it.

  12. Ты так классно разговариваешь по английски!! Я даже не ожидала, что ты из России)

  13. did ypu boil the beet first ??

  14. thanks I was realy looking for this recepi !

  15. Yay!! I've grown up with borscht as I am also Russian, and now I can make it myself!! Xxx

  16. Damn that was good, made that for dinner tonight, used a vegan sour cream that I made with cashews. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Looks amazing!!

  18. Hi Olga, I've just made this recepie and had it for dinner, it was beautiful thank you for sharing. Also I was wondering is it possible to freeze it? I made a big batch 🙂 Thanks again!

  19. Looks very yummy and delicious thanks for uploading,please show more veg russian food as iam travelling to my girlfriend place in russia and iam a vegetarian,thanks.

  20. Спасибо большое за рецепт :)

  21. Im russian and i love Your borsh. Its practically all i eat. IM from st petersburg

  22. i also love adding some kidney beans and it tastes amazing!!!

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