VEGETARIAN Bento Box Lunches – Compilation video!

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  1. Mind Over Munch

    Sit back and enjoy this compilation of vegetarian bento boxes! Let me know if you want more longer compilation videos like this!

  2. Just fyi: Animal based gelatine is never vegetarian. It is made by boiling bones. So if you don't eat animals, no matter if vegetarian or vegan, use plan based gelatine alternatives like agar. And in most cases parmesan is also not vegetarian, depending on how strict you are I suppose. It contains rennet, which is an enzyme found in calves' stomachs. There are artificial alternatives, but due to traditional recipes parmesan almost always contains the real stuff. Read the labels if you're unsure, since other cheeses can contain real rennet as well(I have found that most softer cheeses are good, but real mozzarella, the slightly stringy white kind in liquid, sometimes is, sometimes isn't. Again, check labels).

    It is all about deciding for yourself where to draw the line. There is no way to be 100% vegetarian, vegan even less. But knowing what's in your food and making informed decisions is important.

  3. YOU ARE THE SHIT!! (excuse my french) LOL I love this channel. My fav ever….I cannot wait to try these recipes!

  4. #carita forever #vida hamster

    Stop your hace comments, ir never says Healthy in the tittle

  5. 3:49, 5:27, 7:00,

    don’t mind me, i’m just marking down the bento boxes i would most likely make (for future reference) 🙂

  6. Odd musical choices but AMAZING video

  7. These are all so incredible to look at! I really need to get into making my own work lunches and not buying lunch out every day.

  8. can you add more keto food? there is too much carbs in the bento boxes.

  9. Amalala Smsmeie

    I liked your videos about Keto can you give us an example of Keto intermittent fasting meal in a day with some vegetarian options And thank you for helping me to start keto

  10. My question is: is this for one meal or one day? Because those portions are huge. Maybe enough for two people.

  11. Stephanie Staples

    You sound like Fran dresher

  12. You can also add more flavor to your couscous if you let it steep in warm water with spices such as turmeric cumin cardamom coriander ginger garlic excetera excetera. The options are fairly limited open but they all taste great.

  13. Ashwaq Abdullah

    Excuse me but since when Israel has specific food or culture. As you call it big couscous is a traditional Palestinian dish that is called Maftoul. It has nothing to do with Israel. Israel wants to steal the Palestinian culture the same way its trying to steal Palestinian foods because Israel has no history.

  14. This is next level editing. I grew up a meat and potatoes gal, but this editing makes me want to eat Israeli couscous. Fantastic video as usual.

  15. impossible not to like! your content is awesome

  16. Plz do some fitness videos also!! I like your bento boxes so much!!

  17. I love these videos but I really wish there was audio explaining. Being blind it’s not easy to just pause and zoom the video

  18. I love your videos, they are a great help to my own meal planning with inspiration and new techniques. I do have a question though. I am allergic to coconut, and I know you use it lot. Do you have any suggestions on good substitutions for coconut milk, cream, and any other forms?

  19. You are so creative!

  20. jacquesfromguat

    Where do you get your music on Friday Night Supper Club?

  21. Wow, just wow

  22. Davida Hand Craft Soap

    I just want to take time to say I can truly appreciate what you do! I share your videos all the time because you have great information. Thank you for encouraging people to at least try different foods.

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