Vegetarian and vegan food shop! | Meat free grocery haul. After watching The Game Changers on Netflix I thought this week I’d try and reduce my dairy …


  1. Lovely Alex! I am a vegetarian- I have tried to be vegan- but I found it a bit too tricky- particularly when socialising, eating with others. So long as we are conscious of what we do and try our best, I figure that is good enough! 🙂 xoxo

  2. You may not know this but mayo doesn't have milk in it, it has egg though. Just thought I would mention this

  3. As a vegetarian I'm so excited about this, Alex!

  4. I have been vegan since doing Veganuary this year and I will never go back. I have found the Violife range of cheeses to be the most like dairy cheese. The cheddar block, slices and grated cheese are so like normal cheddar that my non-vegan husband and children ate it without even realising I’d switched!!! ASDA do a brilliant own brand frozen vegan pizza that is only £1.50 and it is the nicest vegan pizza I’ve ever had. They do a gorgeous butternut squash, chick pea and spinach curry with rice that tastes like you’ve got it from a restaurant. Unfortunately they don’t offer every thing online so you have to go I store for some things. They also do great vegan chocolate cake and vegan naan bread etc that is no more expensive than other brands. It will be worth you looking at the ASDA app and searching what’s on offer then going in store and trying a few bits. Their free from chocolate buttons and chocolate orange buttons and bars are so creamy too, that they taste like they should be dairy and under 50p a packet. I think ASDA is the best supermarket for vegan products that don’t break the bank.

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