Vegetarian Airplane Food on Thai Airways ► from Bangkok to Bali

How does vegetarian and vegan airplane food taste like? Today I give you a taste test while traveling from Bangkok to Bali with Thai Airways. The entree is …


  1. The video is expectedly amazing.

  2. What editing software do you use

  3. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS! ♥ I'm going to Vietnam next month for Christmas and these help a it of what i'll be eating! Thanks Mina!

  4. Interesting airplane food review, Mina! I like Thai Airways service and the food will not be bad.

    I guess the jello kinda dessert you had is Halwa 🙂

  5. I love Mina's airplane food videos so much that it isn't even funny…

  6. Hahaha love these videos, keep up the hard work 🙂

  7. Omg that movie has Angela baby as an actress so u know the movie is good

  8. can't even get peanuts on us airlines 🙁
    you filmed this a while ago?

  9. the lag ughhh

  10. yassssss the wiritn on the tissure paper agaun yass tisure tissue tius tisure tiassure

  11. I was late because I was at school

  12. Cinnamon - Gameplays, Randomness, and that's all

    I was late, I was taking a shower ;-;

  13. I love your videos so much you're so pretty!

  14. I hope you do more veggie/vegan options in the future! This was great!

  15. Butter is natural and good for you in moderation! Stay clear of margarine damages your health! Eat well Miss Mina!

  16. Can you answer me please?!

  17. Shilla Gold Gabalones

    miss mina miss mina love that sea of clouds ^^

  18. 안녕 Miss Mina! You have wonder time over there!

  19. My guess is that the movie is "Independence Day 2: Resurgence"?
    I have not seen the movie yet, so I cannot confirm.

    http://www. imdb .com/title/tt1628841/?ref_=nv_sr_1

  20. BiscuitNGravvy Biscuit

    3 person to comment  BTW i LOVE ur VIDS AND ITS SO COOL THAT U GO AROUND ASIA

  21. Hi can I get pin ?

  22. God of distruction


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