VEGETABLES RUNDUNG: Rastafarian Vegetarian Dinners Veganbook

Vegetables Rundung or Vegetables Coconut Stew Recipe


  1. I am making my weekly menu and I know what's definitely on the list! ummmmm yummy!

  2. His hand signals killing me

  3. April Bellamy/ Creed

    Thanks for the funny and informative video! I know about all of that thanks to my husband who's Jamaican from St. Mary. I had a good laugh because you and my husband prepare veggies the same way, carrot scraping, scallion cutting, garlic mashup! Ha ha ha I know now that it's a "Yard Ting!" Lol….some people just don't know but I do! Stay well Ras!

  4. cho cho, carrot, scallion, okra, green beans, scotch bonnet, thyme, pepper corns, pea nut, coconut milk ( I could use other nuts, sweet peppers)

  5. Good cooking

  6. lol man said mi nar advitise fi nuhbody lmbcao

  7. Jahtory Jahtorymusic

    Bredrin I wus just watching without saying nothing but no pimentos is different from cinnamon two different species I used to pick both from the plants:/tree

  8. Jahtory Jahtorymusic

    Thank you Rasta afi eat too but natural ital si mi

  9. Princess Ladychang


  10. Hello!! Would I be able to use fresh raw cashew instead of peanut? This looks amazing. I’ll be making this tomorrow for husband who is Jamaican

  11. Prudence Tolliver


  12. The Reluctant Vegan

    Brother, the time and care you take in your food preparation and execution is above and beyond what I see most YouTube chefs put out. You had me mesmerized the entire time and at the end, I swear I could smell it. As soon as I can, I will be making this dish.

    keep it up, brother.

    God bless

  13. MiQuel I would love to come visit and have you personal cook me a meal and enjoy conversation of your culture. SMILE your fan.

  14. Love love your videos. My husband used to make this and he liked to add beets. One complaint though. The hand signals are very distracting. I sometimes have to rewind because I’m so busy trying to figure out what you’re trying to say with your hands that I miss what you actually ARE saying. A lot of times they signals don’t even seem to match what you’re saying. That won’t stop me from watching though!! Keep the videos coming.

  15. christobal francesco


  16. Mrssewhardtoplease

    Way too much packaging materials! How is Jamaica going to get rid of all that plastic?

  17. Looks great!!!

  18. You wowed me with the raisins…

  19. OMG! I Love It! It looks sooooo Delicious! I want some!

  20. This looks yummy

  21. What is the green fruit/vegetable chorca prob saying it wrong lol

  22. Hello Pimento and cannamon are two different spice . the trees have noting in common.
    Pimento berry is from the pimento tree & cinnamon bark or leaves from cinnamon tree

  23. Lorna Levi shoeswomen

    I love ur cooking and editing ur a star

  24. Even though I'm not fond of Okras, this dish looks good.

  25. will the veggies taste like vinegar

  26. artisansportsman

    Great recipe , please sharpen the knife !!!!

  27. Kimbombo 'Gumbo' Coastal USA
    traveled Sydney Ports.

  28. can other veggies be used

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