Vegetable Stock or Vegetable Broth Recipe

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  1. pls make same video In hindi

  2. Eileen BJohnson


  3. u can always blend them

  4. You should kindly redo this video. Why? Because I saw thAt this lady, Hetal, was using the flat side of the knife to mash the garlic with the skin off. However, you should add in the garlic skin and the onion skin to this vegetable broth/stock. Why? It has more nutrients. But the next time you use garlic, eat the skin, don't throw it away :)!

  5. Tomato? Fruit stock?

  6. Rajkumari Mona

    cn veg stock be stored for days

  7. Rajkumari Mona

    cn veg stock for days

  8. Jennenna Jennenna

    I love my two sisters

  9. I dump the vegetables in a compost pile after using them. A better alternative to throwing them in a garbage can.

  10. Is it difficult to find leack in the USA?? Here in Germany it's a vegetable that you can find in even the smalles store. It's so common here. Actually for us it's more difficult to find good quality of parsley, actually you won't find any. I always have to go to the Turkish store to get some.

  11. I just made my stock today. And it's SO intense that today I even drunk it plane as a soup w nothing in it 😀 But I did another version: I put my vegetables into the oven and roasted them for about 30 minutes before I cooked them. I wanted to colour my vegetables before. And then I cooked them on low heat for almost 5 hrs 😀 And while draining the broth, I also squeezed my veggies to get all the liquid and flavour out. In the end my broth was so rich in colour and taste. AWESOME. I will NEVER buy my vegetable stock anymore. Only selfmade.

  12. Thank u so much.

  13. thanks ladys … mine is on the stove right now

  14. Bruce Marchetta PCMA

    January 20th 2016 Belated to one and all: Happy New 2016 Year. Ladies inspire me. thanks bruce Baja Ca

  15. Thank you so much. You both are great.

  16. Will Conway Jr

    So which is it stock or broth? I'm thinking broth b/c there are no bones or connective tissue. Stock is much thicker b/c of gelatin.

  17. Great recipe well demonstrated. Thank you!

  18. You ladies are 2awesome 😀

  19. Throw the left over vegetables in your compost. Put the broth into an ice tray and freeze them. They will last longer.

  20. How long can we store it? Will it be good for 7 days?

  21. Shweta Thakkar

    M,,, m

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