Vegetable Stir Fry | Sauteed Vegetables | Healthy Vegetarian Recipe | Kanak’s Kitchen

Watch how to make Stir Fry Vegetables or Sauteed Vegetables recipe. This is categorized as one of the healthiest Indian vegetarian recipe by chef Kanak.


  1. I loved seeing this! It inspires me to make a vid like it tbh

  2. u r a sweetheart

  3. plzz show a butter recipe and from where y
    u get unsalted bitter which company or website plzzzz tell me

  4. kanak just want to know will the vegetables be raw or are they boiled before putting into the pan

  5. 1.17 lovely

  6. very good

  7. thanks for sharing this.. wanna try soon.. lots of love :)

  8. How to make a cheese dip

  9. Tech Cart (Techcart)

    can i have maxican club sandwich recipe…?

  10. Healthy & delicious. My elder daughter loves it. I will definitely try this. Thanks Kanak

  11. good

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