vegetable stew recipe | veg stew recipe | kerala style vegetable stew

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  1. Vishnupriya Ushakumari

    Superb…itz really tasety…thank u so much mam…

  2. Simha's Kitchen

    Nice one…

  3. What type gas stove used in this video name pls…its is gas stove or hot plate name pls

  4. Supriya Chaudhari

    very easy ..quick n healthy recipe …good for summers especially …hats off to you ….

  5. Please make vegetable lasagna

  6. Debashis Barik

    Can I go for any flavour less oil instead ? Rice bran oil, for example…

  7. Dhanya Viswanadh

    Kerala style vegetables stew is delicious and creamy.
    Since it is white in colour never think that it isn't spicy, traditionally pepper cones and green chillies are added for spice. Also since potatoes are added, garlic and ginger is added in a pretty good amount. Ghee roasted cashews are added for more taste.
    It is delicious with iddi appam or vellai appam.

  8. Sushmita Choudhury

    very tasty and healthy…

  9. Can we use refine oil instead of coconut oil?

  10. Mam idakk spicy enu add ilva

  11. I am begging you from when

  12. Please post a video of kharvas means milk pudding

  13. I like your quick recipes….

  14. We add raw pepper and never let coconut milk to boil this much, its too tasty thanks for adding this recipe

  15. ha super kannada dalli ingredients hakkidakke❤❤❤

  16. Swatantra Ambadasu

    Good. But instead of coconut oil, can I use butter?

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