Vegetable Pakora Recipe

Crisp golden potato and onion bites cooked with a selection of spices in a gram flour batter which are deep fried. See More At – Subscribe …


  1. Great recipe, but I didn’t need water

  2. Help l m georgiya thanks my foforit cuc

  3. Thank you. This is actually the way I used to cook them, but I found myself being a little out of practice. This has refreshed my memory and inspired me to start cooking Indian food again. I was getting fed up of having greasy ones from the local takeaway. Xx great vid.

  4. Will do these today! Thanks didi x

  5. Balu Mahendra Kadasi

    whaow … kept it so simple, I love the way you cook, the methodology … nicely done – cheers!

  6. Its ok but dont like english accent of an indian lady. It sounds fake.

  7. omg, I love it! the way you teach the recipe is wonderful… although I cant with spice I do love pakora

  8. Hands down, your food channel is one of the best I've ever — ever seen on Youtube. Wonderful walkthroughs, great guidance & speed, and overall, a truly marvelous celebration of culture & food. Great job!

  9. I prefer to cook with ghee

  10. Aslam o Alaikum with due respect can I ask question where you from
    …no dout your recipe is really awesome i love it

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  12. This was the recipe I was looking for – works fine everytime. Thank you so much for this!

  13. Thank You! Will need to try this.

  14. Lovely lady !

  15. My son and I love veg pakora so, we thought it's time to recreate it at home. I think it's easy to make … thanks to you! But now, I don't know what kind of dips/sauces to go with it. Can you please teach me? 🙂

  16. Beautiful presentation and recipe. Only time I've used Gram flour before was onion bhajis & I was like 'to hell with sivving' & I paid the price! You're spot on with every little touch. It makes a big difference! Thank you

  17. مطبخ ام علي

    Very delicious

  18. These are some of my husband and my favorite Indian yummies. Thank you for showing how to make

  19. B
    Horrible Pakoray!

  20. Hi . thank you .I mad it I like it
    I think the person took your video .he focus to much in your beauty. Yes. You are beautiful. But .they have to focus in what you doing. .. thank you

  21. Funny English…We need Indian English

  22. Get that long black hair tied back while you’re cooking, nothing worse than finding a long black hair in your food.

  23. ahhh my favourite snack! i can't wait to try this, thank you for the recipe~

    Edit: they came out amazing! Next time i will put in another chili :p

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