vegetable nuggets recipe | veggie nuggets recipe | वेज नगेट्स | nuggets veg | nuggets veggie

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  1. Can we keep in freezer before fry?

  2. yummmmmmm can we freez it?

  3. kya veggies pak jaengi andr ki fry se?

  4. Why u r wearing ring on thumb finger its irritating me

  5. i like habbar's kichan

  6. Plz share some cheeze snack

  7. Hmmm yummm !

  8. Yummy recipe….

  9. Wow superb

  10. Thumbnail look like cutlet

  11. So nice.can we substitute cheese instead of paneer

  12. You'r recipes are too good

  13. Its a cutlet and not nuggets.There needs to be cheese in the nuggets. Only different between nuggets and cutlet is a cheese.

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  15. Gosh….i m drooling

  16. Mam ur cookings are semma Vera level and cooking styles are very easy and quick ..
    Keep doing mam

  17. Nice receipe

  18. Very nice recipe

  19. Awesome

  20. You are the best cook.

  21. Tq super

  22. What are the mixed herbs u added.. is it Italian mixed herbs?

  23. Super dish

  24. Nuggets…got to add cheese…its like veg cutlet…shape is different…

  25. Very nice recipe. I like this recipe very much.

  26. Excellent Snacks !!!

  27. Can I Shallow fry these

  28. If someone prepares food like I eat more and more

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