Vegetable fritters: you will not be able to stop at one!

Enjoy our recipes, subscribe to Cookist: All you need is 15 minutes and a few simple ingredients for this quick vegetable fritters recipe made …


  1. sarwat tariq butt.

    What is corn starch?

  2. Michelle Sarigumba

    Wow i loved it!. I must try this one. Thank you for sharing with us. Try also our
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    ini namanya bakwan goreng

  4. miftha muhamed ali

    I tried it.
    It was awesome

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  7. Wow… mouth watering…

  8. Gaviota. del Aire


  9. Mita Bishnoi Garden Tips

    Looking so tempting …now will have to try it out .
    Done a wonderful video .
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Is potatoes n carrot boiled ..???

  11. If u put anything in oil and deep fry it will be good only…

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  13. Mmmm yum yum and nutritious too. Im gonna try them today. Thanks

  14. wao so nice

  15. Amazing

  16. बहोत खुब रेसिपी एकदम मस्त

  17. Mam receipe bol kr btayen to jyada mja aata.

  18. Carrot is boiled

  19. We call it PAKODI in india

  20. What is ratalu in English

  21. What is paprika in the philippines?

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  23. U have used raw potato

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  25. Елена Коваль

    veri harmful

  26. Mhari rasoi Laziz rasoi


  27. Sowjanya Keshav

    Super nagamani

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