Vegetable Dum Biryani | Biryani Recipe

Vegetable Dum Biryani #Biryani #DumBiryani #BiryaniRecipe Ingredients : Ghee – 2 Tsp Cooked Basmati Rice Saffron Water Fried Onions Sprinkle Biryani …


  1. Sailendra Reddy Munnangi

    It's a pulao not biriyani

  2. Yacob Christopher

    wow mam super

  3. Niribili Kakoti

    Looks yummy ❤️❤️

  4. Y no spices??

  5. Why did you marinate the vegetables???

  6. Prashant Shetty

    Biriyani masala powder recipi show me in your channel

  7. Am hungry already

  8. Parna Chattaraj

    Can I add some paneer?

  9. Which biriyani masala powder u r using? Pls reply mam..I have used all type masala but it doesn't come like hotel style biriyani..

  10. I want that now

  11. Hi mam
    In this briyani how much quantity of cooked basmathi rice should be taken for this quantity of vegetables….

  12. Traditionally Modern Food

    It s middle of the week but your biryani tempts me for a spl elaborate lunch

  13. omg… it's tempting!! superb recipe… thanks for sharing

  14. Me: will cook this for tomorrow….
    Inner me: 20m +5m + 15m +10m….. cooked rice…. almost an hour for cooking… rest time chopping,cleaning..,

    Me:God… will do this on weekends…

  15. bina sabut kali mirch laung kari patta dalcheni ke bina vi arohma ni aega

  16. Sandhya KalyanG

    Very flavorful recipe with very simple process ..
    Thank you so much Hema Ji …
    But it would have been very nice if you make a video about how to cook rice for Biryanis ( by adding spices to boiling water) and fried rice ( grain to grain separated )

  17. Looks yummy

  18. vijaykumar henry

    Need to try this style now. Hopefully should be tasty and lovely as you

  19. Wooow i lov biriyani

  20. Awesome

  21. Saivani Puttamraju

    Mam is it boiled rice??

  22. Mahendra Jalwaniya

    Waaaaaaaoh really so delicious & so yummy superb wow lots of thanks

  23. What if we won't add safroon water??

  24. Awesome

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