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In this video, we will make Veg Aloo Cutlets, this is a very popular evening snack recipe. Crispy from out, flavorful inside, this bengali style vegetable cutlet which …


  1. I was waiting for this recipe Yaman. Thanks a lot Bro

  2. Cherona Gemini

    I have a small request. Can you please make recipe videos of Prasaads of Hindu Temples.

  3. Sampada Sawant

    One thing that I like that is you alway make recipes in cooker

  4. Veg cutlets are well prepared and presented.
    Undoubtedly it's delicious nutritious and healthy as well.

  5. Shekhar Mahadevan

    We want them to be vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy crispy

  6. Kavitha Saragadam

    Nice .. I love all ur recipes..

  7. Is cooking Ur profession ????

  8. Thank you es recipe ke liye aap ka

  9. Farah's Cooking Channel

    Wow … nice recipe

  10. will you help me to make some soya nuggets

  11. I have a question. Don't mind but I wanted to know whether you are a Bengali or a Bihari? because when I was watching your litti chokha video, you said that u will make it your home style and the tittle said "Bihari''. And when I was watching the chole recipe in cookingshooking hindi, you said 'bhijayenge' which is, to soak in bengali. And if you are wondering that was hindi, it will be "bhigayenge". Please reply. I love ur videos, Keep it up!

  12. Jayeeta Goswami

    Is there any alternative of bread crumbs?

  13. Pravit Maganti

    Can u make virgin mojito

  14. Plz make veg pepperoni pizza

  15. Traditionally… We coat cutlet in rice flour past n rawa… N not in maida n bread crumbs…

  16. Sahana's Multi Cuisine Food

    Very nice

  17. Please could you make churros

  18. Wow!

  19. Rashmi Bhavesh


  20. How many cutlets we can make from this stuffing??

  21. LaZZat e Dilli 6

    Woq you create this like a pro

  22. Thanks I will definitely try it

  23. awesome recipe

  24. Priyanshu Kumawat

    raw soya chaap sticks recipe plz

  25. Hassaan Khatri

    Unhealthy dish

  26. Superb

  27. Was the green peas raw?

  28. Hey yaman
    Make it HEART shape.. ❤

  29. It's look good thank you

  30. Thank you Yaman.
    God bless you.

  31. Richa kulshrestha

    Hi little bro…please tell were all the veggies u added was boiled or no….i m little confused..ur dishes are awesome

  32. Thank you so much for posting this. I had requested this few weeks ago. Appreciate that 🙂

  33. mai bahut time se ye banana chah rhi recipe share krne k liye thanks.god bless u.

  34. Yummy

  35. And who are these 29 people disliking..u r taking souch efforts.
    I really feel bad for them..they r missing so much

  36. Shweta Goyal Recipes


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