Vegetable Chili – 100% Vegetarian Chili Recipe – PoorMansGourmet

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  1. How come your end product magically had potato in it? I love potato in chilli, stews etc. But never saw you cut or put any in… So why was there potato??? 4:20

  2. great job!

  3. You have a good take on fast, healthful, and more importantly, delicious recipes. While I would rather cook my dried beans to add, the cost of canned beans isn't that great and helps those with time constraints. You really help in showing how easy and cheap is is to eat well. Thank you!

  4. undertaker666dead

    Vegetarian Chili looks good but haw about a Meatarian Chili?

  5. That's as good as any meat chili!  Nice and hearty!  Nice job!

  6. This looks delicious.  A good way to use summer vegetables.  🙂

  7. I don't eat a lot of meat, and I've made tons of vegetarian chili before.. but never used chipotle or cocoa! Great tip!

  8. In The Kitchen With Jonny

    That looks wonderful. I have some vegetarian friends, I know they would love this.

  9. When you say the words "Vegetable Chili", people will automatically think Blasphemy!!! But this one really looks worthy of a Super Bowl Party… Nicely done!!!

  10. ohh that looks damn good. gonna have to try this one.

  11. wow very interesting ingredient-cocoa adds to mm the flavor 🙂

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