Vegetable Biryani Recipe Video – Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Bhavna

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  1. Why so many dislikes

  2. nie

  3. nice recipe bhavna. you really talk a lot in that weird accent which gets boring. pls talk concise n neutralize ur accent. good luckn peace.

  4. Can i use curd instead of yogurt ??

  5. Ma Durgananda Nithya

    ma Bhavna, thank you for sharing the yummy vegetarian biryani. I love Indian food for its varieties and taste.
    I wonder if you ever explore Bhagas shastras the authentic science of cooking according to Mahadeva. The recipes given by Mahadeva is the sattvic food which nourishes the body, mind and consciousness. My guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda opens up this opportunity for people to savour the food by Bhagas shastras in Sadashivoham 2016 in Dec 1-21 in Bengaluru adheenam. check out the details here

  6. Muthammal Sadayappan

    Hi Bhavana

    Thank you so much for these videos and sharing recipes. Keep up the great work. Can you let me know the brand of the biryani paste you are using?


  7. Good Food For You

    Thank you very much!

  8. Srushti Dewalekar

    dhokla shikva madam

  9. tastey

  10. u talk too much and your voice is pinching….recipe was good but plz next time talk less

  11. I like your recipe but I don't like lots of talk

  12. yummy

  13. Where do u live

  14. what is poha

  15. Microwave temperature and time???? ASAP please

  16. Love the dish with small pieces of vegetables avoided bell pepper and cauliflower

  17. i was try to cock pizza in your way. its amazing

  18. @ 2.33, what is that?

  19. briyani slruuup dilecous

  20. u talk too much..

  21. can u plzz teach me that how to make veg kathi roll

  22. Rafa's drawing world

    wow I will make it

  23. Vegetarians everywhere, lend me your ears! You have all made an excellent decision to not eat meat. It is a wonderful first step towards leading a cruelty free diet. HOWEVER, the food you eat still involves the maltreatment of animals! When you purchase eggs, THINK about the detestable living conditions faced by those hens. When you purchase milk, THINK about how corporations MISTREAT and ABUSE their cows for maximum milk production, GENETICALLY MODIFYING them. You don't NEED that HONEY, let those bees BE! A diet without ANY animal products, a diet FREE from cruelty…leave no footprint, my friends! #PledgetheVeg

  24. you speak to muchhh

  25. Fast Vegetarian Recipes

    Looks Very Delicious! :)

  26. I wrap my spices into cheesecloth (muslin) bag so I can remove them easily after the rice is cooked. I make the bag with a washcloth sized square of the cheesecloth tied up with some string.wash the cloth and dry it after each use and it lasts a long time.

  27. I will accept your taste but usually no cabbage is added into the biryani as I said its your choice of taste and the reason is the cabbage overpowers the vegetables which are added in and thanks for your great and very pleasant way of explanation and teaching

  28. So much better than all those TV chef recipes…and very nicely explained..Love all ur videos!

  29. nice explanation! thanks

  30. I like ur reseipes but u speak sooooo much..plz

  31. I like ur

  32. like ur cookery show Sundar

    sorry to say tis…but criticism makes better..

  33. Please under each receipes put the ingredients,thank you

  34. Thanks for sharing. Made my recipe much finer.

  35. Sanjana Bsr Flippy

    whats the recipe for biryani paste

  36. nice

  37. Bhanva I like all your receipes but I'm sorry this doesn't look like vegetable biryani. It is normal vegetable mixed with rice not biryani.

  38. Thank you.. I love your way of cooking.. I learnt a lot..

  39. Namaste Bhavna and Thank You. I love your channel. I have been looking for more Indian recipes for my wife and I to try as she is also of Indian descent. Again thank you.

  40. Man that looks so good!

  41. Indians have the most amazing spice tolerance, thank you for the recipe. I'll vegan-ize it. :)

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