Vegan/Vegetarian Finger Foods

Hey guys!! Wanted to make some yummy veggie finger foods. Hope you try one out and enjoy!! Pot Stickers (recipe adapted from Cilantro & Citronella: * 25 vegan wonton…


  1. Ty for sharing 🙂

  2. I loved how her fingers softly work on the samosas…like a woman with full romantic mood caressing her partner

  3. I am an Indian…. Love ur recipes…

  4. Healthy,Fun easy to make Delicious

  5. A BIG THUMBS UP for VEGAN Recipes! Trader Joes has Great Vegetable Potstickers in the freezer case And a great dipping sauce too. Yum I make them frequently.

  6. gyozaaaaa yum

  7. Rachel, kind of off topic but, do you use your shark steamer on hard wood floors??

  8. Got my Grove’s package today!! Loving it!! Thank you rachel

  9. Not all asian wrappers are wontons….

  10. Those pot stickers look divine!!! My husband is vegetarian so I must try these !

  11. I love ginger a lot too! I literally eat it everyday. You should try putting some in your green juices, it’s amazing!

  12. I really want all of these, so yummy!!!
    Have you ever used an air fryer? I’ve heard they make foods that are usually fried much healthier but still tasty!

  13. Yay! Yum! More videos like this please!!!!!

  14. Rachel, can you make a kitchen tour including all the cool utensils and gadgets that you have?and where you get them? I'm in love with your kitchen! Thanks!

  15. These look amazing!

  16. OMG!! I’m hungry right now!! So delicious!!

  17. Thank you!! I’ll definitely have to try

  18. Definitely will give these a try! Thanks for so many great recipes 🙂

  19. You should do a video on post delivery routine, because you look fabulous! and please do more of your beauty and routines where you elaborately showed how you took care of yourself. And some mom videos will be great! Sorry just being greedy! ❤️

  20. LOVED these ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  21. I LOVE THE HAIR !!!!!!!!

  22. yes another rachel video!! I’m going to make these for dinner tomorrow SO EXCITED!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  23. Everything looked yummy, especially the potstickers! Thanks Rachel. ❤

  24. Happen to be eating vegan pot stickers I made myself! Fun to see you making them too! I like using flat Asian chives.

    Trader Joe’s has vegetarian ones but they’re not that good 🙁

  25. they all look delicious Rachel! thanks for sharing!

  26. Always very happy with your videos

  27. Thank you for doing a vegetarian video..really enjoyed it and loved watching all the recipes

  28. your videos are of amazing quality Rachel xx

  29. so glad you're trying culturally diverse foods! I feel represented and also love the vid <3

  30. Casey Stockbridge

    Hi Rachel. What kitchen appliances do you have? Do you recommend any brand/style?

  31. Jennifer DeLaRosa

    My soothing channel!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Samosa is an Indian dish ….. I'm an Indian ….r samosa's look a little little different …..we fill it a lot more than that …..and we add some more chilli ….salts and masala's

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