VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

What are Vegans and what do they really eat? How does a vegan diet compare to a meat eating diet? Which diet is truly healthier? Join us as we explore the …


  1. I am a vegetarian

  2. Muhammed Saif Khan

    I would rather be a vegetarian because you can have protein,fibre,sodium from the best of both worlds animals and plants

  3. I don't like people who consider themselves better for not eating meat.

  4. can somebody tell me, is a vegan really a vegan? the animals die and go into the soil, then the soil is used to grow plants, so animals are still dying in the process.

  5. Im a meat eater, im never going vegan

  6. Leave those "holy" vegans to a room with only meat, it takes a week for them to become carnivores.

  7. Okinawan's longer life spans may not have anything to do with what they ate, but rather, how much they ate. they have a saying there where they only eat until they're like 80% full (Hara hachi bun me). there are many studies shown across many different animals where they ALL have increased lifespan by restricting their diet

  8. No because is really expensive to buy all the food you need to replace the meat vitamins here in Argentina

  9. Im a meatatarian i think its cruel to eat fruit and vegetables.

  10. I eat mostly meat the only thing eat thats not meat or from an animal is bread

  11. Vegans think that every meat eater will die getting a heart attack which is stupid

  12. " a few animal products here and there wouldn't hurt!"  um, do they actually understand that animal products are being called animal products because they are processed through hurting them? like…???

  13. Do one on vegan morality … all the animal suffering, earch killing stuff. please

  14. First off, its refreshing to see something intelligent and non-bais on the subject for a change. "and their meat eating friends" I especially liked. Nobody ever listen to my point of view by being preachy or shaming people.

    I am a vegan actually. Have been for years and I'm definitely the healthiest I have ever been. The thing is I've never met someone who was vegan seriously for health reasons. I myself turned due to moral and economic factors. As a great man once said "the question should not be if they are intelligent, but if they suffer." That has always resonated with myself personally.

  15. Vegan is only food

  16. Who cells will stop metabolizing first

  17. As a vegan, it has been shown that very small amounts of meat consumption can be a part of a healthy diet. But our digestive systems have been compared against other species and show we don’t have the acidity in our stomachs to properly break down meat on a regular basis. Eating moderate portions maybe once every three weeks or so is around a healthy amount. Dairy is just straight bad for you though, and subjectively the cruelest of the factory farm industries.

  18. I AM VEGAN

  19. I think there is good sides to both and the key is balance

  20. Answer to the question: I may become a vegetarian, but never a vegan. I think I couldn't make it as a vegan. Plus, all vegans that I know(that I've talked to) are really mean to me as a meat eater and they insulted me, guessed things that are nit true and so on…

  21. It is a good thing I did not announce that I was going vegan to everyone yet. Can you imagine the looks I would get when having my occasional meaty meals? lol

  22. Vegans?? Oh please come on, that's ridicolous. We can't do this Always. Do you think that when we were primitive we ate vegetables?? The human needs to eat meat and for meat I don't mean the horrible meat that is present on Hambuger, but cow meat, sheep meat, pig meat, fish ecc. You think you are Perfect eating only vegetables?? You WRONG!! We need to eat every kind of food and don't say that you're feeling bad for the animals, because animals are more cruel than Humans

  23. Vegas And Meat eaters are the same, vegetables just don't bleed like other organisms and don't make expression or sound when you kill them.. you know the type of vegans I'm talking about.

  24. I don't wanna live long, old age must suck. You become ugly wrinkly and too weak to have fun. I want to die at 30 or 50 but no way older than that

  25. I don't understand you. Sorry

  26. What do you mean?

  27. I am consuming a whole food plant based diet for the last 2 1/2 months only. The best benefits I have experienced up to now is: much, much better digestion and improved sleep. I have lost about 15 pounds fast and remained stable since then. I consume NO animal products whatsoever; no fish, no eggs, no dairies, no meats. I feel so much better that I have NO intentions to return to the SAD diet.

  28. ThatRandomGuyGaming

    I'm a vegetarian. That's the only reason I clicked this. Also, LEARN THE DAMN DEFINITION OF VEGANS and maybe vegetarian

  29. I get so sick of hearing about "b12 deficiency" the reason b12 isnt found in plants anymore is because b12 is a bactiera that originates for dirt, and due to modern agricultural practice and cleaning its pretty much not around anymore, and if you look into it most farm animals actully take a b12 supplement! Yes! So the only reason omnivores get their b12 is because what you eat eats a supplement. Vegans just skip the middle man and its considered "not natural" mhmm. Also omega 3 can be found in flax seeds flax seed oil , chia seeds, hemo seeds, spinach, most nuts, soybeans, etc…

  30. all you normies are wrong im on a strict play dough diet


  32. Bacon. I'll eat that and die early if it comes to that. My life is boring anyways

  33. I'm a vegan because i love animals and i'm not a hypocrite.

  34. I am a vegetarian but I drink milk & eat milk products. I don't eat ( all types ) meat & eggs.

  35. Most, if not all natural healing therapies, ban meat alltogether.
    If you want the real truth view the amazing, and tragic, story of Dr Max Gerson. With no exageration, the reason his story is not known world-wide is one of the greatest scandals in history.
    Millions of lives have been sacrificed because of the greed of the.powerful pharmaceutical and medical monopolies.

  36. Your mom is a lvl 69 vegan she only eat my cum

  37. This video is boring

  38. go vegan you do not know how good it taste the food when you it it raw vegies ,its like enrgy fils your mouth and stomach some ar so delicios that meat canot compare ,and meat is what ? dead skin and dryd blood would you eat meat if it whas found in a aley or on the street where dead animals ar rund down by chuchu train and cars ? and of cours dont expect to go to heaven and ask for a burger becas in heavn lions shall eat grass ,what do oyu think you will eat ? of cours and natural fruits and vegtebles but you will eat out of pleasure not out of necesity . the tree of life wich bears the fruit of life rember GOD .always

  39. Veganism is stupid. If you think its sad that we kill animals, think about what animals did to humans. If you just dont like meat, no problem. But dont be such a wussy and think its sad because its not. Ahem, IN MY OPINION.

  40. Fuck meat go vegan

  41. If you're a vegan, I'll respect that.
    If you're a vegan and you try to force me to be a vegan, I'll fucking organize a hotdog eating competition in front of your house.


  43. Dat Bøi! At The Discø

    I would become a vegan if I lived in an area who sold substitutes at the supermarkets. Also once i've learnt more about it, since it'd be foolish to go into veganism and not get the right vitamins and minerals etc.

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