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  1. Thanks so much Hannah….I'm going to try a couple of these:)

  2. I love watching these food/recipe vids. Informative and relaxing. Great quality!

  3. Hi Hannah! Would love too see you start an "Air Fryer Recipe" Series! I got one for Christmas and have only used it once, and it was a fail.

  4. Pancakes, please!

  5. Go vegan and die, enjoy the easy cash you get from all these gullible dunce cap wearing retards.

  6. The Upside of Downsizing

    Great glasses!

  7. I would love tbh to see sweet easy vegan desserts or salty bakes

  8. Stephanie Skillings

    Yes more cold dishes easy for work. Thanks!

  9. Shannon Walker

    The oats looked awesome Hannah! I always end up doing chia and blueberries

  10. Juan Rodriguez

    Yes this type of videos are the best! Get lots of ideas for meals

  11. Delicious!!

  12. Are your ebooks going on sale soon? I wanna buy them. =^^=

  13. Ken Alexanderstein


  14. The price for the expo says $697.00 does that include the hotel?

  15. Thanks so much for making this lol a few hours ago I decided to go vegan for like 3 weeks with my friends until my birthday to try it out and this is helping me a lot lol

  16. Harley On Life

    I have a ton of pinto beans and black eye peas I would love to use. Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Which nori wraps do you use? All the ones I’ve tried so far are really fishy.

  18. I love the almond butter (I subbed peanut butter) salad dressing recipe that you had in the last video. I made it and it’s now my go to. It last a long time and 2 tbsp goes a long way. No more store bought dressings for me!! Thanks a lot (I also made the curry from the last video. It’s a lot of food with the rice.

  19. Thank you so much for making them. They are my favorite!!!

  20. This is Day-1 begin a vegetarian. I'm going to be a vegan next month.

  21. small footprint

    Thank you, again, for some great food ideas. I always love these videos.

  22. I feel like there are so many other places people can go to see weight loss videos. It’s like it has become an obsession, but really I feel like people should be more focused on health rather than weight alone. With that said, I am always interested in health videos, but I also believe in balance where we indulge a little. I also am very intrigued whenever you and Derrick talk about the law of attraction. I could listen to that all day. It helps me to stay motivated. But I will still watch whatever you put out.

  23. Natalie Wasner

    i just love how you promote eating potatoes for weight loss, this is so important for people who still fear carbs ♥

  24. The Clean Veganista

    Hannah, your potato salad idea is brilliant. I used what I had on hand — a red potato, shallot and a spoonful of the cashew cream I have culturing for a vegan blue cheese (full of and omg it is delish! Thank you!

  25. Natalie Williams

    Hi Hannah! I love all your videos and lifestyle and how you lost weight. I recently started eating vegetarian and really enjoy it. Quick q: I'm sensitive to oatmeal, so instead of that, have you tried buckwheat groats in it's place? Or just in general, and what do you think about it? Thanks for all the time you've spent on sharing your story and meals with us!!

  26. Carolina Reaper

    Ok i just went through a very detailed medical examination and tests. Definilety confirmed by medical doctors and dieticians- for some people like me oats, noodles and rice and high carb fruits like bananas are absolutely forbidden! damaging for body and health and have more harmful for health than health they can bring in terms of gut , microbiom and witam is!!! People stop spreading info it is healthy and healing for anyone and in unlimited amounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People wake up! Stay vegan but do not make those pieces 80% of your daily foods!!!!!!!!!

  27. What the story with the swimmers situation… are they back or what

  28. BlankaFromEurope

    The look is giving me Alex Centomo vibes !

  29. I use whole rolled oats instead of quick oats, tastes the same, they just are not as mushy. If you pour hot water over it the way you did your quick oats, they soften very fast. They will have a little more texture, but definitely not crunchy at all. Quick oats make my blood sugar drop fast, whole oats do not. Your video has delicious looking foods today!!!

  30. Heghineh Cooking Show

    Everything looks so simple yet delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  31. I make vegan sushi roll rice bowls for my vegan kids weekly! They really love vegan FRUIT sushi with mango, strawberries, tofu, avocado, and pickled ginger yummmm!

  32. Spiced by Maggie

    Love the glasses on you Hannah, looking SO sophisticated!

  33. Healthy Vegan Delicious Canal Vegano

    After I lost 45 pounds I gain 20 2 years later and now I'm trying so hard but my Thyroid do not want to work. I take my med but is still high I dont know what to do at this point vegan for 9 years know also I think I am in my pre menopause.

  34. Can u do one of these SOS free?

  35. Mmmmmm potato salad.

  36. 🙁 I’m allergic to nuts

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