VEGAN WAFFLES 2 WAYS | hot for food

It’s vegan waffles 2 ways… sweet & savoury. Thanks so much to Hudson’s Bay for sponsoring this video. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Wednesday!


  1. Lauren uses both knife and fork to shovel food in her mouth same girl

  2. Team Sweet all the way!!

  3. I’m not always team sweet…. but I am ALWAYS team chocolate!!!!!!!!

  4. Team savory because you get a mix of savory and sweet (from the sauce), and they work well together.

  5. I honestly can’t decide, but I think I’m leaning towards savory!!

  6. The scissors are so extra

  7. Both look amazing

  8. I can’t pick. both of them look AMAZING!

  9. this looks insaaaaaane oh myyyy

  10. Ugh I’m team sweet but I’d totally eat those savory ones too!!

  11. cristina rodriguez

    Team Savory!! Waffles look delicious 🙂

  12. Team both! One of each, so I can alternate.

  13. I'm not even vegan, but I watch this more than any other cooking show… Bc Lauren tastes her food and doesn't play up how good the food is… it's just naturally good lool((:
    Keep it up Lauren
    Love from the GTA <3

  14. I'm a sweet girl, but I am feeling those avocado waffles right noooooow

  15. I'm not vegan and am legit going to try this recipe out. Team savoury all the way! Even better loooovveee THE BAY!

  16. 8:28 snickle!!!!! Team Sweet <3 !!
    Please make a survey card again please!!! So we can see which waffles won!!

  17. Just got your book!!!

  18. Valérie Prieur-Côté

    For breakfast I’m team sweet but I eat savory waffles for lunch. And I put my leftover waffles in the toaster and it’s perfect

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