Vegan/ Vegetarian food at a london cafe/ restaurant ft. Mandeville Sisters | NikiNSammy VEDA

VEDA! Trying delicious food at ethos in London and we ate our bodyweight in vegetarian/vegan food. It’s a great restaurant/cafe in central london. We went with …


  1. I love vegetarian cafés. There's one in Leeds, which I try to visit when I go to Leeds. There's not many vegetarian cafés in Hull 🙁

  2. it made me so sad you didn't get the Szechuan sauce reference!!

  3. I love how she kept repeating 'Szechuan sauce' becasue she wnted you to get the reference >.<

  4. Definitely adding this place to my list when I finally go to London next summer!
    Great video guys!

  5. the glasses look good niki

  6. Marissa Guadalupe

    Looks very good, hella expensive. Now I'm hungry.

  7. Niki, do you really need glasses or are they just for your aesthetic? They suit you sooo well either way!

  8. Good video! Keep it up!

  9. There's a fantastic vegetarian restaurant near the Southbank in Southwark which also does vegan food and is amazing! I think it's called Woodlands and it's predominantly Indian food. My sister is gluten and dairy intolerant like Linda so she would be able to eat there. Hope this helps 🙂

  10. 'Can I please be on your snapchat?'
    'The answer is no.'
    I'm laughing

  11. Hahaha Rick and morty

  12. This made me want food meh why oh why?

  13. Aimee McNally is fangirling so hard rn because she's on your Snapchat she's actually crying, like there's actual moisture in her eyeballs

  14. I watched the latest Eat Jin before I watched this so I guess today is a mukbang kind of day

  15. Emily Ramsdale-Jones

    Hey I'm so excited for Star Wars the last Jedi aaaaaand can I be on your snapchat?!?!?! Xoxo

  16. Ugh the desserts looked freaking amazeballs

  17. I'm hungry now.

  18. Loved this video as usual!
    Also VEDA is near exam season so thank you for helping me kind of get through a levels!
    However I'm on the new spec so I'm gonna have to donate my organs to do well because they are so near!

  19. i appreciate the rick and morty references. 11/10

  20. when you didn't get a notification 🙁

  21. very jealous of all that food mmmmm

  22. Love you so much❤️❤️❤️

  23. ok firstly we realise we said that some of that food was vegan
    but in hindsight
    and cheese
    aren't vegan hhahahaha

  24. i need someone to support me the same way niki supports vegan scotch eggs

  25. Hannah The Fangirl


  26. big fan of niki in glasses

  27. The Albon X Mandeville videos are honestly the best!

  28. Caitlin Paterson


  29. Good show, bros.

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