Vegan Tikka Masala Curry Recipe | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

Veganlovlie Recipes ▷▷▷ This is the recipe for the tikka masala curry that you may have seen in one of our What We Eat videos. Our vegan version of this …


  1. Zehreen Etwarooah

    Wonderful recipe, thanks so much!

  2. Heya Veganlovlie – made this recently and it was delicious! Thanks so much :-)

  3. love and appreciate the effort you put into filming this for us in such good quality! very clear and i'm going to try this! + sub ;)

  4. Nikki V (ArkaneQueen)

    This looks yummy :-)

  5. This looks awfully good, gotta try it!!!

  6. Would this work with zucchini, potato and carrots?

  7. Zbigniew Orlinski

    Delicious dish! We just made it for dinner tonight. Also we made a tikka masala according to your recipe for it. Thank you and happy holidays!

  8. Great video and amazing food. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. yummy!

  10. Thanks for serving this recipe. I'm so glad it's vegan. I will try it

  11. just made this, was good :)

  12. Farida Mahmoud Samir

    Looks so good!!! I'll make it.

  13. Awesome, thank you! Appreciate the recipe and the education about the dish's origin. Glad to have found your channel!

  14. Soy granules work as meat replacement too

  15. The recipe looks delicious, but I personally don't like kidney beans. Can I substitute with another type of bean?

  16. Great Video :)

  17. hi. i didnt know about the bell icon and wondered where you were. so glad you explained in description

  18. paret super bon! moi aussi mo enn vegan mauricienne et mo mari kontent ki ena enn chaine mauricien ki concerne veganism. 🙂 Guess who's gonna binge watch your videos? Oh and you're doing a great job! ♡

  19. Plantbased EmpireTV

    Oh wow this whole recipe looks pretty good but do you think its time consuming?

  20. thank you sooo much for this video! I loooove Tikka Masala and now I can make my vegan version myself

  21. mmm I can practically smell it! I've always wanted to try a vegan tikka masala at home, thank you so much for this!

  22. I love your recipes and often share them on Facebook ! But my friends are French and not that fluent in English …. So i was just thinking : since you're Mauritian and live in Montreal, you must speak French too, don't you ? … If you do, why not make a French version of your recipes ? In Reunion, veganism is really starting to spread these last months, restaurants and shops are opening everywhere … I think your brand of cuisine may appeal very much here !!! :-)

  23. Well… Britain ruled India over 200 years to steal all wealth/spices/knowledge etc. .. so theoretically they can claim every masala dish indigenous to England.

  24. Carol-Ann Lamothe

    Thank you !! Can't wait to make it.

  25. I tried this recipe today. it is good but I used tomato paste instead of pure. I will not do that next time because it didn't work very well. I added some water to this it a bit and that helped a lot. I will also cook the eggplant at a lower heat next time.

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