this is thanksgiving in a slice! Make this thanksgiving roast / pot pie with pre-made vegan puff pastry and savoury layers of sweet potato mash, mushroom & lentil …


  1. So good I might just have to bring that to my family Christmas and make believers out of them. jk

  2. Saw something similar on Serious Eats' Vegan Experience column. They called it Vegetables Wellington.

  3. Toni Hendrix-Green

    Lauren, I make a chocolate bottom sweet potato pie in a Graham cracker crust. I would love to see your vegan version of it.

  4. I am not a fan of cranberry sauce but i think that mac and cheese layer sounds like a great replacement!!!!! thank you so much!

  5. can this be prepared a day ahead and baked the next day?

  6. This looks amazing ! We don't have thanks giving in France but I might do your reciepe anyway haha ! Thank you for the reciepe ♥

    My wish for Christmas : my mom used to make me some shrimps with orange, ginger and vanilla. Could you veganize it for me please ? I never liked fish or seafood but shrimps was the exception ! Of course I don't eat shrimps anymore but if I could make some vegan shrimps to my mom it would be great ! Thank you ♥

  7. Laura Magliochetti

    THIS WAS AMAZING! I made it as if it was a vegan shepards pie. I put the stew on the bottom, cranberry (used fresh cranberries not dried) in the middle, and that incredible sweet potatoes mash on top! I omitted the pastry. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for the delightful recipe.

  8. Now this looks good, I'd love to try and make this for our Friendsgiving! Please veganize cranberry Bliss bars from Starbucks I cannot find a recipe and I'm not really that good at experiment baking but I do love to try every now and then… please please please!!

  9. Just want to say you guys do amazing work. Honestly Thankyou❤️

  10. SO HUNGRY NOW. *tummy rumbles* Looks amazing.

  11. More thanksgiving please!!!!

  12. This looks amazinggggg

  13. Liz Acosta (lunarxliz)

    Vegan eggnog? This will be my first Christmas vegan, and I'm gonna miss that stuff haha

  14. Yum, this looks delicious! Any recommendations for a sub for mushrooms? Maybe extra lentils? Not a fan of mushrooms here.

  15. Can we leave the skins of the sweet potato on?

  16. I find to be a helpful resource for all things health and wellness related! Check it out!

  17. Rachel.(AkA Pebbles)

    Wow this looks so delicious..I would definitely love to try this.

  18. I found my Thanksgiving recipe (Thanks Lauren)! I think instead of the sweet potatoes, I am going to use a Yukon gold mash instead and omit the cranberry (use it as a side).Also, since I am the only vegan in my household, I think I will halve the recipe and use muffin tins (?) instead of a loaf pan. Will it work? I will def make the gravy to add to the top. Thanks again Lauren.

  19. could you make some type of asian-american fusion christmas recipe? not sure how that would turn out, but I wonder if it's doable!

  20. Puff pastry has butter in it and butter is not vegan sooooooo this is not really vegan?

  21. Beautiful Roast!

  22. I'm going to make this for thanksgiving, but roasting the sweet potatoes, rubbing the puff pastry with a mix of olive oil, salt, garlic, fresh sage, thyme, and rosemary…then I'm going to top it off with a pile of pine nuts and concentrated vegetable broth reduced down to nothing, and mushroom bacon from serious eats. Then I'll make a nice, thick gravy to top it all off. I'll probably also put chopped pecans between the sweet potato and gravy layer, and whole roasted carrots in the center

  23. Don't know how I feel about the layers they're kind of a weird mix but I'll still try

  24. Could this be frozen without the puff pastry getting overcooked when it does get cooked? Could I cook it straight from frozen or would it need to thaw?

  25. Satan's sausage??? oh my!!! I think I'll stay away from that, I'm sure it's way too hot & filled with cream….

  26. Please do a chocolate hazelnut cookie recipe because I used to make chocolate Nutella cookies every Christmas but Nutella isn't vegan so :/

  27. I'd love to make this but I'm a student and only have me to cook for so how well does this refrigerate/ heat up? and how many days do you reckon it'll last? Love the videos, thanks another great one!!!

  28. Love your cuteness.. that looks so good..

  29. I'm going to bring this to a Christmas party haha

  30. Lauren can you make creme brulee :)

  31. Omg! This looks fantastic! Hands down you have the best vegan food channel! You should sell a cookbook! you have soo much info!!
    Thank You!!! :)

  32. Oh HI !! I'm NEW TO YOUR CHANNEL!! My suggestion is to do a holiday vegan challenge! (^・ﻌ・^✿)I've been inspired by all these videos/ vlogs that I've created plant based MUKBANG (eating show) videos. For anyone to check out and to give you ideas !! =^● ㉨ ●^=

  33. That looks amazing!

  34. Pardon me if I am wrong, but isn't part of what makes puff pastry puff is butter? How is that vegan?

  35. This looks so good!

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