Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes! Stuffed Mushrooms / Garlic Mash N Gravy Recipes!

RECIPES Stuffed Mushrooms: Mash N Gravy Recipe: …


  1. Thank you for this!

  2. ahg that dress is divine… help me I need that beauty <3

  3. You are so Gorgeous!!!!!

  4. That dress is so GORGEOUS!

  5. I will definitely be making these. They look divine! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Sitting here watching this, feeling super shitty that I have gestational diabetes right now. Next year though, next year,…

  7. Is everything you cooked gluten-free? I have celiac disease. But I really want to make these recipes.

  8. Mmmmm dam! That looks sooo good!!! :O

  9. Heather Williamson

    Okaaaaay. Serve it up Mae.

  10. I freaking love your ENERGY!

  11. Definitely cooking this tomorrow…thanks for sharing xx

  12. I am definitely going to make these recipes. Going to friends house for the bird and all, but even though I am not vegan, I LOVE….vegan food and would happily eat it all the time. Thanks for sharing the recipes!!!

  13. This looks like yummy food heaven!! I can't make it for thanksgiving but my friend is throwing a friendsgiving party so maybe I can make it then!! Thanks for the hook up lol

  14. Omg you are making me so hungryyyy!! Your food looks amazing.

  15. your flavor profile i on point!

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