Vegan Thai Red Curry Recipe แกงเผ็ดมังสวิรัติ | Thai Recipes

Don’t just make a vegan curry, make an AWESOME vegan curry! In this video I share with you my tricks and tips on how to maximize the umami in red curry …


  1. Cooked this today for my partner! thanks a lot, we are not vegan or vegetarian, but damn this dish has some great flavours!

  2. Zygmunt Kwasiborski

    You look very stupid when you get so excited when cooking. And why are you making these bizarre faces when you eat?

  3. Jasmine rice is OK, but get India's Basmati Rice, which is the most aromatic and delicious – the best.

  4. This looks so good!

  5. I just made this and I doubled the ingredients. I added broccoli and red bell peppers and skipped the tofu. I love it. Thanks for this recipe.

  6. Thanks for the vegan recipe. A quick question though, can we add vegetables to this- carrots and French beans?

  7. don't know if it's good or bad, but she talks too much !!!

  8. Wow this is so good!!!! I just made it!

  9. Dead cow dead cow mooooooo…… bang…auh……steak…..mmmmmm!!!!!

  10. The result looked yummy! But too scientificky for me… I got bored fast. I prefer short vids without talking and just showing me what to do with captions.

  11. Will definitely try this recipe! But what do we use in substitute for the keffir leaves?

  12. Thanks for sharing. I always struggle with non-meat based dishes. Vegetables taste great, but sometimes it's hard to combine them in a way that makes them savory/hearty that pleases the whole family. I think this one is a winner.

  13. Hi Pailin. Question for you: Why is gratchai so hard to find? Even when I lived in Los Angeles and visited the Thai community in Hollywood, I've never been able to find it (fresh) in stores. Turmeric, on the other hand, is relatively easy to find.

  14. You are so cute and fun to watch! Going to try out the recipe.

  15. This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your secret recipe. I’m so excited to try it~! #govegan

  16. What are your thoughts on coconut cream powder?

  17. Yay for vegan recipes!

  18. Reminds me of a popular Indian curry, Shahi paneer, cool to see the differences and similarities in cultures

  19. Just made it. Wanted to share with my mother but its kind of spicy. Does the kick come from the curry?

  20. damn this is good.I cannot find those leaveas in chile… 🙁 would lemon leaves work?

  21. From de crisis to the peace VEGAN diet is the answer.

  22. Frederic Coudrier

    not sure about the dry shitake… rest is nice

  23. I’m going to make this right now, minus the tofu. I’m going to add ginger, red and green bell pepper, carrots. Wish me luck :p I couldn’t find bamboo shoots or. Shiitake mushrooms at my local grocery store, but it should still be yummy. (:

  24. Hey , I'm from India . I like thai food. Please some vegetarian delicious food name and videos preparing how it is provided.

  25. Love it!

  26. GUYS, MAKE THIS RECIPE!! I made it tonight, a rainy night in NYC, and it was my first try at cooking Thai food. Not only was this dish better than most Thai dishes I have at restaurants here in Manhattan, but it was easy and fun. I want to thank you, Pai, for making such incredible content that can change a girl's evening from dreary to eventful. I also want to thank you for making a vegan recipe. I would love to see more of them on your channel! You are THE best culinary talent on YouTube, from your recipes, to explaining different types of coconut milk–the knowledge is practical and the recipes are perfection. Thank you again!

  27. meaty, chewy, OH WAIT it's a veg curry

  28. Karthik Vaidhinathan

    Can the Chinese bean paste Doubanjiang be used as a replacement of shrimp paste?

  29. Thank you for the vegan recipes! I'm going to make this for my wife.

  30. I can't handle the deliciousness… it's 11pm and I'm drooling….

  31. I wish i was married to you pailin

  32. I've made your Thai Red chicken curry a few times before, and today I made this vegan version, both are absolutely delicious!

  33. I’m almost done making this!! Thank you!!

  34. You are so adorable! Excellent descriptions and commentary!

  35. I love how you explain everything…this curry looks perfect. You're a natural at this.

  36. An Alternate Perspective

    Had no idea about reducing the coconut milk! Excited to try that next time. Mine is close to yours but I add lemon grass, fresh ginger (a ton), and a few dashes of cumin. Thanks for the tip of the coconut milk reduction part.

  37. This was a delicious dish. Great work with the video

  38. what is the different btw the green curry and red curry? also, if I want to make it more spicy what should I add in there?

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  40. Can't wait to try this! Looks amazing!

  41. Thank You so much for this recipe ! You're very clear with your instructions and this seems very authentic. I can't wait to try ! I am not a Vegan however, So, I will be substituting the chicken instead.

  42. Wow….best curry explanation yet. I love it

  43. Hey can I almond milk

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