Vegan Street Food in Taiwan

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  1. DRAW with Chris (Chris Legaspi)

    Libby makes vegan food so exciting! Well done. Excellent editing as always

  2. Hello! Very nice video.  I'll be travelling to Taipei in a few months and am a long-time veg.  I have one question for now but it is only about the music.  What artist is that?

  3. This video never get old. Taipei the best vegan city in the WORLD! :)

  4. This looks so delicious!

  5. Lovely filter on the video. I live in Taiwan and just a warning the mock meats are pretty much never vegan, a lot of them contain egg as a binder and also milk powder to mimick animal products. Buddhist here are vegetarian with some not eating eggs, but most of them still consume milk and milk products. They do not however consume garlic on onions.

  6. Our favouite VIDEO! Taipei the vegan capital of Asia.

  7. I am taiwanese but born in london, just started making food videos and i'm going to film in Taipei! Any tips or advice?

  8. What brought you to Taipei? :)

  9. what camera do you use? its amazing :)

  10. I'm traveling around Asia, and your videos are seriously a lifesaver! And the editing is just so perfect. So so glad I found this channel! You guys should come to the Philippines one day! :)

  11. YES TAIWAN <3

  12. brilliant
    Have a beautiful day!
    Tobias and Melanie
    MT World -The World Traveling Couple

  13. i regret not seeing this video before my trip! i couldn't find much vegetarian/vegan food over there other than fruits and fruit juices. ):

  14. awesome footage. taiwan looks amazing & has a reputation as a vegetarian paradise. is it easy / difficult for a non-taiwanese, non-mandarin speaker / reader to identify vegetarian restaurants & food stalls in taiwan? i've heard that a lot of the vegetarian restaurant food is bland because of their religious philosophy. is it easy / difficult to find spicy food in taiwan?

  15. Love your video !!! Can I ask you what kind of camera do you use?

  16. After watching your video, I got hungry, really hungry

  17. MindfulWanderlust

    So much good looking food. Yep, looks like Taiwan moves up a few notches of where to travel.

    Thanks!! :)

  18. Just found your channel, really loving the vids!!!! :)

  19. whoa buddy this video should go semi viral, you know what you're doing

  20. everyone keeps saying Taiwan is the place for eating!! looks so yum. great video 🙂 I subbed!

  21. Bomb!

  22. how do you know if it's vegan? big difference between vegetarian and vegan food

  23. I'm so glad to meet your channel <3 you guys already making videos what I want to do! best! XD I'll come here often.

  24. AMAZING !!!!

  25. Yeahh you guys came to Taiwan aka vegan heaven!! haha Hope you enjoyed it:) Also your filming and editing skill is incredible! The turtle is one of my favorite part<3

  26. I am hungry now… Nice video, as always! :)

  27. Tolles Video!

  28. Everything looks soo delicious! Wich camera are you using?^^

  29. that looks so tempting…love buddhist food

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