This week we pay tribute to ALL the amazing Moms in our lives and feed her face with these #vegan strawberry sticky buns. We take a classic cinnamon roll …


  1. Lauren, I love you man!! haha

  2. Oh wow the buns and bread look divine! Don’t you love baking with staub cookware.

  3. Strawberry Sticky Buns – where you been all my life??? These will have to be pried out of my selfish hands!

  4. Those buns look disgusting-ly GREAT! I can hear my dentist crying….haha. Nice job, Lauren!

  5. Good lord!!

  6. The Vegan Hippie

    I love the idea of strawberry sticky buns but think of all the possibilities by adding fruit. OMG!! You are a genious. I'm gonna have my daughter make these for me.

  7. Yessssss

  8. Your shirt reminds me of hot dog on a stick lol

  9. vegan food = fake food

  10. I have that dough recipie memorized and there's 2 lbs of strawberries in my fridge. This recipie is calling to me!

  11. That’s it. I’m making this

  12. Sarah Windmueller

    Okay!!!!! Seriously anytime I see dessert made using fruit like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, etc.. I’m like now this is my sugary bliss! Omg I seriously believe that I would love these strawberry sticky buns more than cinnamon rolls! I’m literally sitting here watching your video Lauren and I’m salivating! It looks so delicious!!! ♥️♥️

  13. i am a broken human so i hate cinnamon, gonna try making these with coca powder and maybe some melted chocolate (:

  14. Charlotte Suszynski


  15. prettyyy pleaase go back to the old way you cooked i watched because it was fun to see you make it!! pleaseee

  16. Lauren holy fuck this looks INCREDIBLE

  17. Holy cow! This looks amazing!!

  18. My moms not a vegan

  19. love the recipe, love the shirt. that's all i have to say. Wait, I have more. I also like the little ending you put on the videos now, I didn't notice it before but I like it!

  20. This looks amazing! Do you think I can assemble them in advance and then cook them a couple days later?

  21. I'll just make this for Me Day because my mum is a really boring eater. She's vegan, but she is a let's eat kale and not massage it type of vegan

  22. Sursie Metzger

    “Strawberry Butter Paste” why is that the best mix of satisfying but hilarious to hear?

  23. "and I'm giving you all this free content"

  24. Jasmine Rossi Bar-David


  25. Lauren are you wearing coloured contacts in this vid?

  26. I cannot be the only one who thought the thumbnail looked like a turtle

  27. i had no idea food can look sexy but oh mY GOD it looks so good i need to make it!

  28. great, just need to have a kid to make this for me.

  29. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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