make a healthy and hot vegan spinach and artichoke dip! It’s creamy, delicious, and gets baked with the perfect crust on top with a gooey dippable centre.


  1. Made this bad boy for my office holiday party and didn't mention it was vegan it I took home an empty dish. Yup! I've made other vegan spinach / artichoke / bean combos but I like this one the best. I think the tapioca starch and your recipe proportions make for the best texture.

  2. THIS WAS SO GOOD. I made this for a non vegan New Years party I went to and everyone loved it!! My mouth is watering just thinking about this dip again!!

  3. I couldn't find tapioca starch so I made mine without it and it was so amazingly good! It tastes exactly like my favorite spinach artichoke dip I ate when I was a kid before I went vegan. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!

  4. Can you at least mention the food proportions (even better put them in the description bar). Thx

  5. Can you use arrowroot powder to thicken the sauce instead of the tapioca?

  6. 2:34, look, at her butt..

  7. Can I use arrowroot flower or does it have to be tapioca? Also does the food processor work better than a vitamix?

  8. what can I use instead of cashew cream…. nut allergy

  9. I have a challenge suggestion! How many things can you make oil free? That would be amazing to learn from you!

  10. This looks divine!

  11. Made it tonight and it's ok but There's a definite lack of greasy, creamy richness .. sort of as if it were a diet artichoke dip. I can't imagine any of my non-vegan family and friends thinking that this was that good. Not going to be re-creating this.

  12. ohhhh my gosh. made this for thanksgiving and then forgot about it so now I'm trying to eat it as leftovers. Tonight I just heated up a big dollop of it and mixed it with tons of spinach, black beans, and brussels sprouts. SO weird and so bomb.

  13. omg just made this…FREAKIN DELICIOUS! guilt-free creamy cheesy dip …damn I love being vegan!

  14. I actually eat carrots like that ;)

  15. Made this the other day and everyone LOVED it! Thank you so much!

  16. this has me shook cause aside from the oil its really healthy

  17. How can the cashews for the creaminess be substituted for those with a nut allergy? Would sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds work maybe? Or can something else entirely different be used as a substitute?

  18. Made this last night and it was so good! Took the leftovers and used it to make a kind of grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today and it was perfect!!

  19. SO making this to bring to my families thanksgiving get together! Thank you Lauren! xo

  20. What?! Bean-hater? They exist? :v

  21. Can I substitute the tapioca starch with corn starch? Will it get the same effect?

  22. I made this over the weekend, double batch, and I've decided I'm going to make it every weekend in Winter, all the Winters of my life. Holy smokes, it's divine! My only recommendation to anyone who tries this would be to chop the spinach a bit before you wilt it. Those buggers like to escape when they're too long. Besides thar, change nothing. Iz amazing!

  23. I made this awhile back and shared it with my Omnivorous family, and it was a total hit! It's absolutely yummy.

  24. looks absolutely delicious! love the iron skillet :)

  25. I can confirm that using this recipe to create a Kale and Asparagus vegan dip is pretty delicious too :)

  26. I'm running to the grocery store to get the ingredients. This looks wayyyy too good!

  27. can i use corn starch instead of tapioca?

  28. I eat my carrots like that. Lol

  29. This might be a tough one to answer, but my son is allergic to tree nuts. Is there anything that I can replace the cashews with?

  30. Hi Lauren, Thanks for the recipe! Could I use regular flour instead of tapioca? I'm pretty much substitution-illiterate. Haha, thanks!

  31. Hi Lauren- this looks delicious! If I wanted to bring this somewhere, do you think I could make the recipe up until the oven step but then refrigerate for a few hours and then bake at my destination? o
    Or would it not turn out right? Thanks for the recipe!

  32. You should make an african peanut soup/stew!

  33. I'm making this for my 14 year old tonight. She loves artichoke dip and ordered it at a restaurant this weekend and it was a total let down. Hopefully, we like this one. It looks amazing!!!!

  34. If you dont have a spinnach pie recepie, can you make one?? Love your channel :D

  35. Erin Christenson

    Spinach and artichoke dip was my favorite before going vegan! So glad I can make this now!!

  36. Oooo this is great! I''ve actually very recently introduced myself to white navy beans. I was looking for recipes online to use them, but only got soups recipes borrrrinnggg hahaha – I am definitely going to try this because I have all the ingredients on hand :-)

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