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  1. I tried the noodles today, they were okay. A little too much turmeric taste for my liking I'd add less next time.

  2. I use to make kale chips all the time and roasted chickpeas sweet and sour. I forgot about the wraps I am going to start making them for snacks and I want to make the dip also.

  3. Marie-Joëlle Champagne

    omg tess just the intro is amazing!! Everything looks so goood

  4. I'd love to see a video on how you take care of your hair 🙂 it's so long and beautiful!

  5. Where are ur dishes from? They’re gorgeous!

  6. Will it be wrong to wear a tshirt like that even thought ur not a vegetarian? As long as ur not gonna get caught lol

  7. Livingontheveg1985

    Hi Tess,would love to make the dip but I can only find Soya beans. Would they be ok to use? X

  8. LOVED loved loved this video, great recipes and all looks super yummy. Loved the way you filmed this one too! 🙂

  9. Great video! It's nice to see snacks that are different and creative. 🙂

  10. I looove banana and peanut butter. Need to try everything else in this video! Those noodles and edamame dip look so yum

  11. I make the banana wraps but use maple syrup and it is so messy, drips everywhere. I might try it with date paste

  12. Young And vegan

    Lebanese people where are you???

  13. These all look so delicious! I can't wait to try them! <3 xx

  14. Those banana roll ups are bomb

  15. wow, those look so yummy! great video Tess (:

  16. Thank you so much! I haven’t known what to snack on lately and this was VERY helpful

  17. Whole grain crepes are better than lebanese wraps, if you like dessert instead of a fast snack!

  18. Caitlin Galbraith

    where do you get your beautiful bowls from? xx

  19. I used to eat those banana rolls all the time growing up! I’ve started warming up to kale chips recently too. I’d love to try yours!!

  20. mary keila montecinos fuenzalida

    you inspired me to go vegan! xD

  21. I make the banana roll ups too! With rye wrap and instead of dates I use berry jam because PB&J is ❤️

  22. Yajaira Denisse Gomez Lopez

    Todo se ve tan deliciosoo ! Me encantan tus videos <33

  23. Razzle Dazzle Vegan

    The edamame dip sounds and looks BOMB! I also need to get my kale chips game on :p

  24. So yummy!!!

  25. Roses and Dreams

    It looks amazing !!!

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