Vegan Smoothie Breakfast Bowls! – Mind Over Munch

VEGAN smoothie bowls for an easy healthy breakfast! Delicious smoothie ideas using bananas, dragonfruit, spinach, avocado, & more! Enjoy a smoothie that’s …


  1. Hesa Alhussaini

    Already preparing my shopping list for this!

  2. what about talking about being active?

  3. Fantastic! I just adore smoothie bowls! They're a staple for the whole food yoga retreats I run: they always bring a smile!

  4. Haikal Asiandi

    Would you describe raspberry taste? How could it taste, is it much sour less sweet? or what? anyone please?

  5. How long do you soak the dates for? Thanks!

  6. You should collab with Gemma (the ice cream and microwave hirl)

  7. I love thisssss

  8. what kind of blender was used here?

  9. Smoothies look totally yum… but I found myself rockin' out to those upbeat tunes. Lol

  10. I've already seen this video a thousand times but I keep watching because the way you edit is awesome!

  11. Where are the measurements??? Pleaseee thank you! Great video

  12. It's 7am here in the UK right now and I've been trying to get inspiration for a quick and not so heavy breakfast since I have to go to a christening today (and I'm not ignoring all that bad food for a special occasion) and these have made me so hungry now aha think I'm going to have to make that first and second one for me and my husband. They look delicious.

  13. Meghan Monahan

    you're the real life Velma from scooby doo

  14. You are the reason i am vegan again

  15. TheShaddows InTheDarkness

    I'm going to try the Fruitopia Smoothie Bowl!!!! This is the very first time I'm eating a smoothie bowl thanks to you!!!! 🙂 Thx

  16. Uh yum?! I need to make these!

  17. The Chunky Monkey one looks the best (งツ)ว.
    We'll have to show You the result.

  18. This channel is as much fun as a watching Donald Trump debate communists …. I love you and your smoothie bowls !

  19. Great Video! Would it be possible to give the nutrition details as well for the recipes?

  20. why the hell is this pitaya pink?? aren't the pitaya fruits white inside??!

  21. Where can I find dragon fruit? I've been looking everywhere.

  22. Schirin Rangnick

    I've been loving these vegan videos! They are great, thank you 🙂

  23. The editing for this video is amazing!!!!

  24. Stephanie Dalogo

    All of these look amazing! Can't wait to try them! Where did you buy your frozen dragonfruit? 🙂

  25. Anastasia Kiyasheva

    It is pretty annoying that I had to rewind SO MANY times and stop the video at the moment when all ingredients are listed to do a screenshot!!! Give the video couple seconds to play after listing all ingredients

  26. if you don't soak the chia first you can get constipated 😉 looks delicious though

  27. Alexis Cribaro

    Thank you! I will have to go this weekend!

  28. Mai Tran Beauty

    Looks so good!

  29. Alexis Cribaro

    where do I get Mulberries, Gobi berries, and Dragon fruit? I tried Gogi berries once and they were really good. I got them at Aldi but they don't have them there anymore.

  30. Hi!!! I'm a new subbie by way of the Domestic Geek

  31. @Domestic geek subscriber and now a mind over matter subscriber! How much does it cost to make something like this? i'd be afraid ingredients would spoil and be wasted as well.

  32. نونو أحمد

    great bowls, did anyone tell u you sound like Miranda sings????

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