Vegan Shepherd’s Pie | #10HealthyMeals | Tim Shieff

Here’s a great meat-free version of a classic dish. Packed with beans, pulses, vegetables and herbs then topped with soft sweet potato and finished with crispy …


  1. Donyell Spiritguitar

    i swear i could hear some panties dropping right there

  2. Looks nice, will try it, but honestly didnt need to see all your backflips

  3. Hes not Vegan anymore

  4. I would slightly under cook my veggies.

  5. mushrooms are not veggies!

  6. Adam de Ste Croix

    Athlete…. lol

  7. Instead of using lentils should of used roast ox tongue also instead of sweet potato try using sheep's brain. Delicious

  8. May I suggest a small food processor? Makes chopping onions extremely easy ~ so easy to clean. Go or it.

  9. Stephen Stills did it better though

  10. Haha I'm so full … but after this it made me hungry again

  11. YES TIM!!

  12. Анна Белова

    Красавчик, ещё и готовить умеет!

  13. Perfect Gentlemen

    Vegans are such cunts it’s unreal

  14. The potatoes you don't need to cook those in the oven. I cook mine in the microwave they don't take so long to cook!

  15. Has anyone tried the recipe? I'm thinking of moving from vegetarian to vegan so I want to try more out

  16. Followed this recipe to a t. I tried looking for a word to describe the taste and I couldn't, until my dad tried it. "Farmy"…very farmy, and not in a good way. This recipe in particular almost makes me want to eat meat again :/

  17. Wow looks amazing thanks sir

  18. Vegans are weird

  19. That looks sooooooo goooooooood!!! Making it right now!

  20. No Rosemary, never seen celery in my life, homemade oven, no sweet potatoes. Can i make it?

    -a friend from third world country.

  21. Thumbs down for switching every five seconds to the back flips. It's so distracting from the recipe. Maybe just have the free-running/parkour at the beginning and end only.

  22. Mushrooms aren’t vegetables, they are mushrooms)))

  23. Boy I love that recipe!

  24. María Cristina Reina M

    Hi Tim, quick question, one of my family members seems to have developed an allergy to mushrooms, what could be a good substitute for them in this recipe?. Thank you very much.

  25. Those acrobatics don't even look possible!!!

  26. This looks sooo good!

  27. wear a helmet

  28. Alexander Castle

    lost me here didnt like,, prefered the morning one

  29. If those skins have pesticides and chemicals sprayed onto them, that meal is no longer healthy!

  30. I thought you were the guy on TV that was helping schools to have healthier meals children. Guess I was wrong?!

  31. Mushrooms aren't vegetables!

  32. Cooking with linseed oil is a total no no! Apart from that like the recipe.

  33. nice recipe! but i came here for the cooking and find the freerunning a bit unnecessary and annoying even though i like freerunning

  34. Mushrooms are fungi, not vegetables.

  35. A_Wise_Young_Man

    Editing – annoyimg, skipping back to atheletes – annoying, stupid rap gestures – annoying.

  36. 0.06 vet irritante guy, nu al

  37. Looks insainly tastey

  38. Jamie you should make a Vegan Cookbook!

  39. As an Aussie, and a vegan, I miss my DAMN MEAT PIES! Thank you for this video!

  40. I just made this. So effin good!! The recipe on the website is slightly different isn’t it? It’s ok. I made it my own and I love it!!

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