Vegan School & Work Lunch Ideas #5 AD | JessBeautician

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  1. Thanks so much for watching everyone! For those asking, you can find the monbento Original Jungle Bento Box here: 🙂 X

  2. I want to go vegan, but I don't know how I'll get my protein. I've heard that a lot of people eat chickpeas for it but I have no clue what it taste like!!! What are choices you prefer and what does chickpeas taste like?

  3. Love your recipes but please switch up your music!!!

  4. Are you using books with recipies or you’re just making what comes to your mind? I’ve got some problems with eating and I’m just wondering how are you making that delicious food☹️

  5. Is rocket another name for arugula?

  6. kritesh ghildiyal

    That bento looks so cool

  7. Is the bag large enough to fit an iceblock on top of the bento boxes?

  8. Yes finally some lunch ideas that look good and are filling.

  9. Laxmi Jeripothula

    Where can I get the box

  10. Andrea Rouillard

    This is so aesthetic omw

  11. Love your channel! I've been hitting a plateau for food so I've been so inspired by your videos! Great content, keep up the amazing work!

  12. thank u for giving me sm great inspo honestly… i love these meals bc they all have sm different food going on lol

  13. Anna Starkenburg

    Fun fact: Trek is dutch for hunger

  14. What bread did you use for the Friday lunch?

  15. Me:sees video ooo nice video
    Me:realizes I don’t make lunches
    Me:I’m not vegan
    Me:oh well I’ll watch it anyway I’m not dying
    Me: few minutes later freak now I’m hungry

  16. I’m curious where is this accent from? 🙂

  17. I am going to . make every single person in my damn grade regret the 10 dollars they spend on a sandwich

  18. Nintendogs lover 123

    This is the first video I've seen of yours and automatically I subscribed. I'm a vegan now because I'm 14 and suffered from anorexia. My parents took me to a hospital and they said i wasnt low ebough. Then I felt depressed so I started binge eating and then purging. My parents figured out so now I'm recovering but I'm still really scared of food. This makes me happy that there is really good food I can eat and it's healthy so thank you. You don't know how much people like me you help also.

  19. I love your jewelry pieces so much!! Where are they from?

  20. Does the little white container have a separate lid? I wouldn’t want my salsa or other sauces spilling everywhere

  21. Ordered my bento box because of you! It got delivered today, super excited to try it. The one I had from TJ•Maxx is all deformed because of the material and microwaving, I know this one will stand the test of time lol.

  22. LOVE your videos so so so much!! Please keep them coming! ♡♡

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