Vegan School & Work Lunch Ideas #2 | JessBeautician

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  1. What stone knives are used in this video please?


  3. I think I’m going to eat 107483 meal a day because of your videos haha

  4. That is very similar to lunch boxes that are used in India and Sri Lanka. I will have to see if they ship to the US. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for all these great ideas. I'm pretty new at learning what to eat as a vegan/vegetarian! I'm grateful you made this video!

  6. You always have the most refined meals……….are you vegan now?

  7. And I appreciate how clearly you speak. Not very common these days.


  9. Can you please more of these school and lunch videos I love this series! And a review on the elephant box would be great I want to buy one but I'm not sure!

  10. Looooove the lunch ideas! Please keep them coming ❤️

  11. I love how you always use up the day before ingredients for something completely different so you don't get bored but making sure nothing goes to waste!!!

  12. the roasted pepper looked like a tongue i was like AH WHAT IS THAT

  13. Can I use raspberries instead of mangos in friday's quinoa recipe?❤️

  14. Is the lunchbox dishwasher safe? It seems so perfect!!

  15. More school lunch video

  16. Why stainless steel?

  17. replacement for chickpeas flour?

  18. I wish I was as creative as you

  19. I love how you use parts of the previous recipes in other lunches!! Saves time and money so well!!

  20. Love these videos. I love how everything is clean and simply. I love the way you say Basil. Bah Zil

  21. I love cheese….im gonna be a terrible vegan

  22. Yine yabancı bir kanal sanmıştım ama arkadaki arzum cattle kafamı karıştırdı sevindim bir yandan da

  23. amazing recipe ideas

  24. does it make a difference if i remove the olives? i hate olives sorry

  25. Just wondering where you got your lunch boxes from? Great ideas! x

  26. Can I ask do we have to use chickpea flour for the pizza or can we use some regular one?

  27. im not vegan , but i looove vegan food , and i really need this for work .

  28. Thank you @jessbeautician very helpful and looks yum. I will give it a go this week.

  29. This video is so good and filling and love the idea of using a lot vegetables all the food you made were so mouth watering

  30. Whitney Kinky Koily Kurls

    why is the salt pink?

  31. I really love all the details you put in your recipes, thank you. (。♥‿♥。)

  32. I love how you use leftover ingredients for the next day's meal, it makes prepping seem less daunting and expensive!

  33. Can you do a review on this box? I want to buy it but I want to be sure! I love your lunch series!

  34. did you cook the chickpeas for a long time? i don't see how they'd have a similar texture to feta cheese otherwise

  35. I think you meant roasted almonds not raw almonds

  36. Love your videos! So many great ideas! How do you keep your avocado from going brown?

  37. I LOVED the idea of reusing ingredients and portions of the previous lunches! That's so handy for someone who works a busy schedule and is also on a budget! Awesome that I don't have to buy a separate set of ingredients for each day if I were to follow this!

  38. instant like for the pasta sauce. that loked delicious.

  39. what would u drink with this if u didn't want water?

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